Zestra Getting Silent Treatment From TV Networks

Zestra is product designed to help women get get turned on easier. The problem?  TV networks are being all squeamish and won’t let commercials on it air. With audiences being bombarded with Erectile Dysfunction ads for men, is this a cultural phallocentrism that still maintains men’s sexual pleasure is important and women’s, if admitted at all, is dirty and unimportant?

From The Faster Times Molly Jane Knefel tells us that according to this commercial, “women are starting to talk about something they’ve been feeling for a long time.” Or, more accurately, they’re talking about something they haven’t been feeling for a long time– sexual satisfaction. Yikes!

Colloquially speaking, Zestra is product designed to help women get get turned on easier. It’s a topical blend of botanical oils, and it’s hormone free and non-prescription. The ad is a little bit hilarious (it’s always awkward when commercials try to evoke sexual excitement) but it seems like a legit product, and it’s certainly a good cause. The problem? TV networks are being all squeamish and won’t let it air.

The ad uses direct sexual language like “arousal” and “sex life,” but besides that, it’s remarkably tame. The clearest comparison to make is to the ads for Viagra and Cialis– the later of which all but says “sometimes you like it fast, sometimes you like it sloowww” (paraphrased due to lack of non-parody videos of the ad on the internet).

But why, exactly, is Zestra getting rejected by every network but Discovery Health and Soapnet Women’s Entertainment? Of all the channels on television, two are the only ones comfortable acknowledging the existance of female sexual desire. The other networks that considered it said they’d only air it in the middle of the night– the same time slots those weird Extenze commercials play, and it hardly seems fair to put a female arousal aid in the same category as a penis enlarger.

Looking at the evidence, one could infer that male sexual satisfaction is so important that we must see ads for it during daytime football games and family prime time TV shows, but female sexual satisfaction is so dirty it can only come out during the phone-sex and psychic-hotline time slot. Read More

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With political activists as parents, Stephanie learned gender politics at an early age and embraced stiletto feminism in high school. As a marketing professional, she’s written for a variety of publications. She founded www.scandalouswomen.com to be a voice for the sex-positive alpha female.


  1. And to think I thought we had come a long way in the “Sexual Revolution”!? So “Bob” can walk around in a Santa suit with a boner but GOD FORBID we show a woman WANTING a little gratification? Wake up networks, we women are one of the largest, richest & most desired target groups around!!!!!!!! Great article!

  2. I have to agree with Debbie’s comment. Women like to have sex too, so perhaps as Smiling Bob looks like he is being blue balled in the commercials (by the look of his fake smile), the women teasing him need to just stop teasing and get it on…lol.

    Television is still a bit behind in the sexual revolution.