Your wedding can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Relieve that tension with scandalouswomen’s hot tips for your last fuck as a single woman!

3The hot ex-boyfriend back home

We all have the delicious bad boy in our past. After a long afternoon of tedious wedding planning at mom’s house, hook up with him for some serious pre-wedding sex later that night.

“Bobby was such bad news for me, but the sex was so hot!” Wendy confesses, reminising about a past love. “I started thinking about my wedding and being tied down to one guy the rest of my life.”

On a whim, she sent a text booty call to Bobby’s cell to see if he’d show up like he used to. And he did!

“I had him in my in my apartment a week before my wedding, and then again the night before in his car!”

2The bachelorette party

Fucking the male stripper may seem cliche, but remember the operative word here is “male.” So slip your cell number under his g-string and see if he calls!

The happy hour tryst: Stop into that bar you pass each evening on the way home from work. Have a few drinks and see if that tall, dark, and handsome stranger gives you some play.

1The separate vacation

An expansion of the bachelorette party – one last weekend of freedom with you and your girlfriends. According to the UK newspaper The Independent, beach resorts in countries such as Kuta in Bali, Negril in Jamaica and Boca Chica and Sosua in the Dominican Republic have become pick-up spots for women tourists. Tour companies even market package deals as sex holidays for single and unaccompanied women who range from grandmothers to teens. And there’s plenty of live flesh on sale.

Allison, engaged to be married, was treated to a trip to Jamaica by two of her friends six weeks before her wedding. Immediately the center of attention when they arrived, she and her friends found that $50. would buy a lot of sex from well hung guys on the Island.

“We swore each other to secrecy, but I’d never had sex with a black guy before and it was the best fucking ever!” Alysia says.