Young, male and feminist – if only there were more of them

The Guardian:

Schools and universities have their share of students engaging in sexist and misogynistic behaviour. But there are also those who are standing up against it – and their numbers are growing.

When I talk to boys and young men at school and university about why they don’t call themselves feminists, the answer is never “because I hate women”. Instead, they tend to express reservations about “female supremacy” or “man-hating”. There’s still a lot of confusion about the word.

This week, HeForShe, the United Nations campaign aimed at engaging men in the battle for gender equality, kicks off its #GetFree tour, visiting universities and talking to students about the issue. So I spoke to a group of young male feminists to ask them how big a battle it will be to bring their peers into the feminist fold, and how difficult it is for young men to speak out about sexism in 2015.  Read more.