Young Coconut Has Got A Vibe

youngcocoMusical styles and trends come and go but one genre seems to stay constant – acoustic guitar-based rock. Whether that label reminds you of 60s folk music like Bob Dylan, 70s era soft hits from groups like America or 90s alternative acts Blind Melon, this kind of music endures and prospers because of the complexity of it’s simplicity. Learn to play a guitar, set your words to music, and people will listen to you. I relived all those decades of music while listening to I Got A Vibe, the new album from Ontario artist Young Coconut. The 13 track collection is a musical achievement for the artist.

The first track, Pity Junction, isn’t totally unlike One Republic’s Counting Stars in sound and style. Of course, even that song owes a debt to earlier works from British artists like the Stones and the Beatles. Not that Pity Junction is a throwback to the British Invasion but there are echos there. Take a listen and you’ll hear what I mean. This is even more evident on one of the collection’s standout tracks Torch Bearer.

I made mention of the 90s band Blind Melon above and it wasn’t a coincidence I picked that group out of a sea of alternative artists from that time period to compare the sounds on I Got a Vibe to. One song that really drives that point home is the very enjoyable piece (I Am The) Main Offender. I make this comparison not to downplay Young Coconut’s musical prowess but to give you, the reader, a sense of what his style is all about. In a lot of ways, what you’ll hear on this album is superior to what the trailblazers of decades past recorded.

Need further convincing? Head over to Bandcamp and listen to each track. Or check one out below.