Yoli Yo Yo Shakes the House with Dance Collection

yoli-articleThomasville, Georgia, a sleepy little town a few miles north of the Florida state line, isn’t a hotbed for electronic dance music. Aside from a handful of country music clubs where line dancing is the norm, kids get their funk fix in grocery store parking lots or by driving for hours to larger metropolitan areas. So what does a musically gifted teen do when she’s stuck in podunk? She escapes to Los Angeles!

Meet Yoli Yo Yo, a former cheerleader, church choir member and model who realized at 17 she wanted to be under the lights. Soon after migrating to the city of angels, she was discovered by a record producer who booked her on shows and networks like Battle of the Bods, Fox, MTV and Telemundo. Her talent and sexy style led her to gigs with Insomniac, Dr. Pepper, Malibu Rum, and Affliction. And she became an attraction at hot clubs like Key Club, Confidential, The Viper Room, Paddys, Burgundy House, and EDC. Not bad for a chica from the deep south, huh? But you’re probably asking yourself, “What about the music?”

In a word: Incredible.

If dancing to high energy music until you’re drenched in sweat is your thing, you’re going to love the tunes Yoli Yo Yo has for you on her album Forever Ever After. Feel Me Up is a naughty bump and grind dance-rocker that stands out on the album for it’s raw sex appeal and style. I was reminded of a similar song called Baby Love from the 1970s by an Atlanta group called Mother’s Finest. Radio-friendly, you’ll find yourself playing air guitar and cooing the line ‘damn I want you, you want me, feel me up.’

But you came here to dance, right? And Yoli Yo Yo doesn’t disappoint with the techno-grooves that fill the rest of the album. From the infectious up-tempo lead-off track Gotta Go to the funky Life of the Beat, there are plenty of sensual tracks to shake your ass to. Check out 123 to start your weekend blastoff then Dreamsz for an 80s-retro sounding dance treat.

Check her out online here. And, as always, we’re hooking you up with some tracks below.