Okay ladies, time to fess up. Whether it’s been hidden under your pillow or right there for all to see on your bookshelf, we’ve all had/barrowed/stolen at least one. A sexy novel. Yes, I’m talking about that smutty little drugstore book that has a picture of a beautiful, busty woman with a tiny waist and long flowing hair. Somehow her ensemble seems to dripping off her nearly naked and perfect body as she’s held tightly in the muscular arms of a disturbingly handsome Adonis of a man.

My mother had two hiding spaces for her guilty pleasures; between the arm and cushion of the living room recliner, and underneath her bed. I first found them when I snuck into her room to look for a favorite shirt she took away because it was too low cut. I ruffled through her closet, bed stands, and dressers to no avail. As a last ditch effort I got on my knees, lifted the old bed skirt, and behold! A plethora of books! As an avid reader myself who had read through her own little library through and through, I quickly forgot about my shirt (which to this day has never been found) and gathered as many of those little books as I could and stashed them in my room to read.

Now I understand what you’re thinking. A child, a wee babe, with her hands on those smutty, erotic books? No good could come of this! Let me assure you that I was going on sixteen, and most boys my age and even younger were already stealing their dad’s porno mags. However, while they were stealing theirs for visual titillation, I was stealing mine for a more soul- feeding reason.

After bed I would shut my door, turn on my little bookmark light and read, famished for the written word. And yes, while I did read and memorize certain techniques that to this day make my lovers go, ‘oh!’ The books did something else for me, something far greater.

In a society that predates back to the dawn of humanity, women have always been shunned for liking sex as much as, if not more than men. Yet in these books, somehow, one woman is lucky enough to be seen as more than just a wife and servant to her husband. She is a vixen, a temptress. She is smart, beautiful, and cunning in her seduction. She is given the chance to blossom into her sexual nature through her lover’s gentle education, and is not only able to be whatever her husband needs, but also what she needs.

Now, as both an adult and ghost writer for such naughty novels, I pour forth that power of claiming sexuality into the female characters I create, as well as the romantic relationships I hold in real life. An erotica gives us the freedom to be uninhibited with our lustful fantasies. Personally, I’m quite uninhibited. I have a thirst for knowledge in all aspects, including sex, but that doesn’t mean that writing erotica can’t be for you if you’re a little more-shall we say, tame? Every woman, shy or brazen, deserves to be comfortable in her sexuality.

When I first started writing erotica’s, I wrote them for myself. I wanted to see my lust printed on paper and somehow, by seeing that, it helped me take my secret desires from page to person. It opened me up in a way that has led me to some extremely fun nights with my paramours. For example, it was through my writing that I was able to explore idea of polyamory, which is when a person opens up to multiple romantic relationships by using trust, honesty, and open communication. Through my writing I was able to highlight the best possible erotic situation, thus creating a new and exciting sexual experience for me and those I became involved in. However, now that I’m writing for companies, they are a more tailored for a target audience.

That being said, how could writing out your fantasies not be good for a woman’s sexuality? It’s freeing in a way that promises a lack of judgment. The best part about writing is that you can share it with everyone, or no one. You can keep your fantasies locked up in a journal or you can put them on the internet for all to see. So I ask you, readers of all calibers, what are your fantasies? What or who is it that you crave the most? Either way, you will be surprised how much you can open up about your sexuality when you have a creative outlet for it. Whatever you choose, you are taking a hold of your desires and putting them out of your head and into the world, breathing life into the passion you desperately want. Personally, I like sharing my erotica with my partners. If they can handle what is on the page then they can handle what’s in the writer, if you know what I mean.

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Cassidy Pittman was born in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, and has lived in various parts of the United States and China. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s in Literary Studies and Writing Skills in May of 2012. Cassidy has worked as a ghost writer and editor for international companies.


  1. Writing erotica in the form of my personal diary was a progression for me. I started out reading this website then started reading other people’s works of erotica. When I felt reasonably sure other women had the same thoughts about sex that I do, words just came pouring out onto my page.