Will You Please Wear A Condom?

condomThere are a few questions in life that are always hard to ask.  Will you wear a condom certainly ranks high on the list.  You would think that with the “sex sells” mentality prevalent in our society and access to birth control and safe sex products at an all time high, this question would get easier.  But sadly for most of us, asking someone to use condoms  is still as hard as the penis that will be wearing it.

I was reminded of the difficulty in asking someone to were a condom when I was at happy hour with a friend, downing a couple of glasses of red wine. My friend and I are both in our early 20s and by no means prudes.  My friend had met a guy at a rock club and was instantly attracted.  He was certainly physically attracted, but left her waiting for him on the sidewalk after his band played a local club.  You see, he’s a “rock star”, in her eyes and his, but a D List rock star at best.

He needed to load his gear after the show, but he never acknowledged her presence on the sidewalk. Several times I told her we should leave…  He left her standing for over 30 minutes then finally came over.  I’m sure he didn’t want anyone to think he was attached.

This would-be rocker texted my friend the next day.  She was too eager.  They went out and had a great time and he asked her if he come spend the night “just to cuddle”.  If that doesn’t say “I just want to get into your pants” I don’t know what does.  The fact that this pushing-40 local rocker was back living at home, I’m sure played a role in his wanting to spend the night.

The second date didn’t go as well: my friend had a few too many beers and professed how much she cared for this rocker, who ended up telling her “You barely know me and I don’t want to be tied down”.  Once again, I saw that this guy was a loser with a capital L but my friend thought it was all her fault for being too interested.

Then came the third date, and cause for the big question…. My friend said that she had such a hard time asking this rocker to wear a condom before they had sex the first time.  She finally mustered the courage to break out an Ecstasy condom  only to have him be a typical loser guy and say, “if you trusted me you wouldn’t ask.”  She had sex with him any way.  He started calling her every couple of weeks and then not at all. Who knows where his dick had been, but fortunately, my friend was lucky and remains STD free.

Safe sex practices are as important today as any time in history. Asking someone to wear a condom before having sex for the first time is not only a matter of self-confidence, but could be a matter of life and death, or at least a prickly crotch that you could avoid.

Today, we have access to a huge variety of products that minimize the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and also prevent unwanted pregnancies.

So the next time you are ready to you ask, “Will you please wear a condom?” make sure you have chosen a cool guy and have a condom  and some personal lubricant  at your fingertips.  Make it fun, as sex should be.  Your new guy will be more than happy to oblige.

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