Whiskey and Strip Poker

I sat down at Adam’s kitchen table as he pulled two beers from the fridge and set one in front of me. I thought he would sit down but instead he reached for a deck of cards and a bottle of whiskey.”Let’s make this game of poker interesting,” he said. “Each time someone calls, we drink beer. If we check, swig whiskey.”

“Sure, OK.” I didn’t play poker, so I was going to trust him, not knowing that to check was a safer bet, one that I would be choosing often.

It wasn’t until the first hand was over that I realized Adam’s version of poker had even more rules. When I lost to his spade flush he ordered me to remove an item of clothing. I did each button slowly, looking up through my lowered lashes after I opened each one. Then I let the shirt slide off my shoulders. But instead of being turned on, Adam just laughed and started to deal the cards.

I sat forward and tried to push my breasts against the red satin cups of my bra, willing his eyes back to me. They stayed on the cards, however, and I felt myself starting to squirm.Adam and I were in a Thursday night Spanish class together. We’d talk during the break.  But after class, we’d say good night and go our separate ways.

This week Adam had asked me if I liked cards and beer and I jumped at the chance to spend time with him despite my lack of interest in either. So now here we were, in his one-bedroom apartment. He was still concentrating on the game even though I was down to my bra and black thong. As I stood up to refill my drink, I thought I felt his hand brush against my ass and it gave me hope.

“Let’s go into the den,” he announced abruptly. “It’s cooler in there.” I threw back my drink and followed him into the next room. Adam sat on the couch and I was about to fall into the recliner, but he patted the cushion beside him.

“I like you, Farley. I like the things you say in class. I like how your hair smells like pears and how good your ass looks in those dark jeans.” He looked me up and down and leaned in closer. “I feel bad about your losing so much. You’ve been such a good sport, you deserve a little something.”

Adam pushed me back into the couch, spread my legs open, and buried his face into my pussy. When his warm tongue first touched my skin, I flinched from the pressure and electricity, so he grabbed my thighs, pulled me closer to his mouth, and began flicking his tongue across my clit. I had been quiet most of the night, but I had been fantasizing about this happening for so long that I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Oh, yes! Keep doing that. Just like that. It feels so fucking good. Lick my pussy. Mmmmm…lick it good,” I shouted. “If you make me come, you can shove your cock into me as hard and as long as you want. You can fuck me all night.”

My words urged him on and he pushed my legs further back. I could feel myself getting close, so I pulled at my bra until my breasts were free. I was about to start touching them, when Adam’s hands pushed mine away and he started running his fingers across my tits, circling my hard nipples. His tongue became a hot iron against my flesh. I felt a pleasurable orgasm start building slowly until it turned into a roar. I grabbed his hair as my pussy clenched like a fist and became even wetter against his tongue. My toes curled tightly as I came again and again against his skilled tongue.

I closed my eyes to savor the moment, when I suddenly felt Adam get off his knees and lean over me. His thick cock pressed against my opening then plunged deep into my tingling pussy. I pushed myself up to meet him, wrapping my legs around his back to keep from falling off the couch.

Adam’s sudden moans and deeper thrusts were all I needed to come again. I started scratching my nails down his back and biting his neck as the spasm pulsated through my body. He fucked me harder and harder until I thought he was going to split me in two. Finally, I could tell he was about to come. He grew hard inside me then exploded with a massive climax. Even after he came, Adam moved slowly in and out of me, then fucking me more fiercely than he had been before.

“Are you really going to fuck me all night?” I asked. Adam just smiled and I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for a long while.

~ Farley R., Greenbay