"What We Call Cornuto"

abi-cornuto.jpgIf you’ve visited various cuckolding sites, you’ve probably noticed depictions of the cornuto sign – the old Italian finger gesture used by women to announce to others that they’re cheating on their husbands or boyfriends. If you haven’t, it’s the same sign people use at rock concerts these days or that Satanist Anton Levey adopted in the 60s.

Interestingly, I stumbled across on old reference to it from a 50 year old TIME Magazine article:

A Negro maid to an Italian mistress sat in the witness chair of a Brooklyn, N. Y. divorce trial last week “making horns.” Carrie Cooper raised her hand to her forehead, sticking up two fingers… That, she said, was what her 36-year-old mistress, Mrs. Josephine Marotta, had done behind the back of her old husband, Giacomo…

The Brooklyn judge did not understand why this slight gesture was considered important testimony in a divorce case. Court Interpreter Vincent D’Agrossa volunteered to explain. This case involved an Italian couple, and to Italians the bit of old-world folklore had plenty of meaning. The gesture, said Interpreter D’Agrossa, was “what we call cornuto.” It was an ancient custom to cut the spurs off castrated cocks and graft them to the birds’ heads, where they grew as horns. Since the horned capon was a strutting definition of sexual inadequacy, its horns became a symbol of cuckoldry. TIME, Dec. 12, 1938

Oddly, there seems to be very few pictures of people make that sign with the orignal Italian intention. So I want to change that. I want to see pics of you making the sign. Got any?

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