What Happens in Vegas… Well, You Know!

I stepped one foot out of my limo as a cute, young bellboy took my hand to help me out. I looked up to find his deep blue eyes staring down my blouse (thanks to the miracles of a push-up bra). Beyond the gaze of this handsome boy were the bright lights of the Vegas Strip. This was Sin City baby. Two weeks prior I had made my travel arrangements to stay at a world class hotel known for taking special care of their guests.

After working for months on a multi million dollar ad campaign for my agency, I was taking a week in Vegas-alone. I checked in and I asked for my blue-eyed bellboy, Toby, to escort me and my belongings to my room. Inside the elevator, we made meaningless chit-chat laced with sexual innuendoes. “Do you have time to help me settle in?” I asked as we entered the room.

Toby flashed a mischievous grin and came over to me, getting so close I could feel his breath on my lips. His strong hands cupped my breasts together, making my pussy tighten. With just the tip of his tongue he licked my lips, down my neck, and right into my breasts. Toby wasted no time getting my blouse and bra off so he could give attention to my rock hard nipples. I cooed in pleasure and slight apprehension while Toby took the lead, urging me on to the bed. He looked into my eyes and smiled a wicked smile as he lifted my skirt up to my waist.

Pulling my thong off to the side Toby gently ran a finger from the top of my pussy down just past my hole. Using his other hand, he gently parted my lips. His breath tickled my open pussy as he slowly pushed his index finger inside me. My body relaxed and he easily slid a second finger up my slit while his tongue on lick figure-eights on my clit. It was all my effort to hold back my orgasm.

Toby lifted my buttocks and flattened his tongue on my pussy, licking up and down while continuing to masterfully finger me. My soft moans became the muffled screams of an earth shaking orgasm. My pussy clenched at his fingers and a wave of pleasure washed over my entire body.

Before I fully recovered from my orgasm, Toby stepped off the foot of the bed and took off his shirt. As he dropped it to the floor I took in the full sight of his ripped body-he had large round shoulders, squared pecs, and best of all, rippling abs. He removed his pants to expose a good eight inches of thick cock.

Toby grasped my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed. I instinctively pulled my knees toward my chest and spread my legs. We made eye contact and smiled as he slid the tip of his thumb over my wet clit. He moved his pelvis in closer and replaced his thumb with the tip of his dick, sliding his penis over my clit then down to my wet hole. Teasingly he slid just the tip of his dick all over my pussy until I was squirming and begging for him to fuck me.

He smiled at my pleading, then slowly eased the head in. His dick was thick and I had to relax to accommodate his girth. I tried to squirm closer to take in more of his manhood but he resisted. Painfully slow, Toby slid inch after impressive inch into my pussy. But after every few inches he would withdraw it all the way out and slip right back in. His slow pumping was making me hornier and hornier. Finally, he gave a deep thrust and had all eight inches in me and I gasped in delight. He paused for a moment to make sure I was adjusted to his size then pulled all the way out and began filling me with long strokes in and out. Toby gradually picked up the speed, watching himself pump in and out of me. I could see the lust on his face and the desire in his eyes and it turned me on even more.

I put my feet on Toby’s shoulders and grabbed his ass, urging him to pump into me faster. He put his thumb back on my clit and rubbed my pearl. My orgasm was close. I screamed “Oh fuck me Toby! Fuck me!” and with my verbal command, he pumped into me harder. My heart was racing and my pussy began to clench at his dick. I began to come, my juice coating Toby’s shaft.

I squeezed his ass harder and pulled him all the way into me. As my pussy clenched at Toby’s dick he began to come. I could feel each contraction of his cock and it made my orgasm last longer and longer. Finally, after a few more thrusts, Toby slipped his wet dick out of me.

We lay there for a moment, enjoying the afterglow, but before he could drift off to sleep, I ordered my hot stud to get back to work. But don’t go too far — I’d definitely be ordering room service for dinner.

~Jennifer L.
Charlotte, NC