affiliate.jpgSo, you have a website, a serious bling addiction, and need some coin to support it? On this page you’ll find all the sponsors we use to generate cash for all things scandalous. We’ve even put them into convenient categories for you! The only things better organized than this are our closets!

Dating Sites: Dating sites are a multi-million dollar a year industry. The possibility of “no strings attached” sex and full blown love is an irresistible attraction to the countless men and women who join these sites daily. Here are the best of the best.

1. Adult Friend Finder – the grandma of them all! Subdivided into different niches like swingers, interracial, and just boy-meets-girl garden variety pee-pee bumping, Adult Friend Finder is a very reliable money maker.

3. ImLive isn’t really a dating site. It’s a live webcam site. But the company that created it has two dating sites to promote – wildmatch and bangmatch.

4. Fling.com is one of the newer dating sites on the scene and it’s hot. Promote them here.

Chick Sites: Sex sites for women and sites with serious chick-appeal are getting huge! Just look where you’re at! There are a few out there that do real well for us.

1. Playgirl.com. Of course. Do I have to say more?

2. For The Girls – Movies, stories, pictures, and other things just for women.

3. Sssh.com – Erotica for Women. A very well done adult site for women.

Hardcore Sites: Yeah, we know they get a bit extreme sometimes, but there are some we promote that have really hot concepts and can make you serious money.

1. XXXProposal.com and Pleasebangmywife.com are two sites that explore the cheating wife/cuckolding niche that is so popular these days. You can sign-up to promote them both on your website here.

2. Roman Video produces tons of femdom-related videos, including a cuckolding line, that lots of guys (and even some women) love. Here is their affiliate link (just choose “webmasters” from the menu.)

3. Bimaxxx is the best male-female-male site out there. One woman and two men who all get freaky together. Fun stuff!

Male Stripper / CFNM Sites: CFNM means ‘Clothed Female Nude Male’ and it’s one the hottest new niches on the internet. It’s exactly what you’re imagining – all the girls have clothes on. All the guys are nude.

1. LoverboysUSA – the original male stripper site.

2. Party Hardcore – “Girls gone wild” – type college girls getting freaky with male strippers at night clubs. Haven’t we all done that?