We All Know a Hot Mess!

“We are having fun with this song since everybody seems to be able to relate to it,” says Lana Marie, referring to the new song Hot Mess from she and her partner Anthony Casuccio. Collectively known as A&L, the duo has given fans an upbeat, pop/rock song with catchy hooks, killer guitar riffs and Lana’s powerful vocal performance. “We wanted to rock out a little harder on this release,” Casuccio adds.

Hot Mess takes a comedic look at the various types of people you often encounter in bars and clubs. You’ve probably been hit on by some of the sleazy and drunk characters Lana sings about or perhaps you’ve had to endure your man getting that treatment. It really is quite funny when you think of how every watering hole has the same stereotypical folks working it.

A&L is one of our favorites here at Scandalous!  and we’ve reviewed some of their other work. In case this is your first experience with them, Anthony is a 20 year music veteran whose production work has been nominated for three Grammy awards. He’s been featured in major music publications and his music has topped the charts in several countries. Lana, an award winning vocalist, has been a presence on the WNY music scene.  If her voice sounds a little familiar, you’ve probably heard her singing jingles on radio and television.

Take a listen below.

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