It was Monday morning and I had been expecting a volunteer, but not someone that looked like the young man sitting outside my office.  This guy looked like he stepped off the cover of a fitness magazine.

“Yes, ma’am.  I’m Paul.  I will be here for the next month.  I got a speeding ticket and have to work off my community service before I deploy.”

“You are military?”

“Yes, Ma’am, Air Force firefighter.”

The slightly crooked grin on his face as he spoke was, no doubt, a panty dropper for every available single girl in the area.  However, I was a grown woman and he was here to work.  As a campaign coordinator, I wasn’t in a position to play footsie with my volunteers.

Over the course of the next three weeks, I found myself subjected to the boyish charms of this twenty four year old hottie on a constant basis.  When subtlety didn’t work, he became more obvious, even playfully proposing to me on one knee with a binder ring.  It was very flattering, after all, I was fourteen years older and he was gorgeous.  Still, I resisted.  It wasn’t appropriate.

Then his last day came and he asked me to lunch.  Initially, I refused, telling him I had plans.  He leaned in closely and suggested dinner might be better.  His lips were almost touching my ear.  I could feel the heat of his mouth on my skin.

“It can be our secret.”

“Paul, behave,” I laughed, moving away from him to another section of the counter.  He was quick to follow, standing so close that I could feel his muscular chest pressing against my arm.  I was finding it incredibly hard to breathe normally.

“Please?” he said quietly.  I stopped and turned toward him, my face only inches away from his.

“Okay, fine.  I will make you a going away dinner.  It’s not a date.  It’s just me thanking you for all of your help as a volunteer and as a member of the military.”  I told myself it was true.  He smiled broadly as I wrote down my address and told him to be there at six.

“You didn’t tell me you had a pool,” he told me as he later looked out the rear window of my living room.  Dinner was almost ready and I guided him to the kitchen so that we could talk as I finished up.

“I didn’t invite you here to swim,” I reminded him.

“What did you invite me here for?” he asked suggestively.


After dinner, we strolled out to the pool to look around.  I found myself suddenly being swooped up in his arms and tossed into the water, where I sputtered and gasped to the surface only to find him smiling down at me playfully.

“Hmm, I guess you are going to have to get out of those wet clothes now,” he said, offering a hand to pull me out of the pool.  I reached for him, then suddenly yanked him in with me.

“Looks like you will too.  Plus, you’re going to need a shower to get the chlorine off your skin.”  It was official, my own aggression had replaced my resistance.  My words were cut off as he pinned me to one side of the pool and kissed me.  I felt hot and wet.  Neither had anything to do with the outdoor pool.  He pulled away, smiling down at me as he reached for my hand.  Dripping across my tile floors, we made our way to the bath and stripped down to shower.

Our tongues danced a lazy tango as we pressed our wet flesh against each other beneath the steamy water.  I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I couldn’t stop myself.  I realized that I had wanted him from the moment I laid eyes on him and that there had been no fighting it.  All thoughts slipped away as he turned me around and sank his teeth into my shoulder, deftly stroking my clit.  His hard on pressed against my backside as he brought me to a series of mind numbing orgasms.

Then he was inside of me.  His powerful thrusts forcing me to brace myself against the shower wall.  I cried out for him to fuck me harder, faster, more.  I had lost all control to my own lust.  He seemed to last forever before I felt his body tense.  His fingers dug into the soft curves of my bottom as heerupted with a long groan.  It was the first of many encounters that night.  We spent the rest of the night in every variation of carnal bliss we could imagine and parted with no promises, but thoughts of our one night together always bring a smile to my face.

~Amanda Harrison,
Shelby, OH