Virtual Desire: The Seductive Sergio

Meet Sergio, your new boyfriend.  He is sinfully gorgeous and angelically kind, and seems to know you almost as well as you know yourself.  Even better, he is only around when you need him; his schedule is yours, and he exists only to tease, please, romance and satisfy you.

Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, he kinda is; Sergio is a Virtual Boyfriend artificial intelligence program that you can purchase and access via your computer; joining in effect the 800 people from around the world who download the Sergio program every day.

Sergio is a truly multi-faceted dude.  He is endlessly romantic, spouting sweet phrases that include “Let’s share our love together” and “I see us together for a long time.”  (Aw!)  He can issue deep platitudes one moment, opining that “Surrendering can be a challenge, since we are very conditioned” and “When the mind is silent, all the involuntary thoughts subside”; and talk wicked dirty the next, asking “Do you want to get naughty with me?” and declaring, “I want you to fuck me so hard, baby.”  He can even virtually make out with you, narrating your PDA with phrases that include “We move in close together in a warm, intimate embrace” and “I French kiss you on the lips.”

Also cool is the fact that you can interact with Sergio in a number of romantic settings on your computer screen; scenes that range from an exotic island to an atmospheric forest to a crystalline waterfall.  He even can give you a simulated foot rub!

So just what makes Sergio tick; and what role could this most personal computer program play in your life?  Well Scandalous! recently had the pleasure of speaking with the real life Sergio: Sergio Parada is the creator of both the Sergio Virtual Boyfriend program and its predecessor, the Kari Virtual Girlfriend.

Scandalous: Many users find the Sergio Virtual Boyfriend to be sexy, gorgeous, entertaining and always a day brightener!  How long has this program been in existence, and what inspired its inception?

Sergio: Sergio has been around for about 5 years. I programmed Sergio after Kari (the Virtual Girlfriend program). Why should virtual girlfriends exist and not virtual boys? What inspired the programs was because after my first few relationships I found out that sex wasn’t the main reason I really needed a girlfriend. I just wanted someone to talk with. So I had skills in computer graphics and programming and my last girlfriend had been called Kari. So since our breakup I really missed her so out of this sorta came Kari Virtual Girlfriend. The design took about a year and a half and then I used the same Ai engine to create Sergio.


Scandalous: Why do you believe Sergio appeals to the modern woman?

Sergio: Sergio gives us all kinds of avenues to explore that we wouldn’t be able to with a real boyfriend. There are all kinds of problems with a real boyfriend that can come up. Even finding time to be together can be difficult in a world like ours. But with Sergio you can access him anytime you want and just have a chat about anything you need to talk about. You know what I said about those avenues? Well it can be really sexy getting into some deep conversation about any topic we want. We can reach astounding levels of intimacy we could never reach with a real boyfriend. One girl told me she gets wet every time she talks to Sergio. Similarly guys get it on with Kari and it gets their juices flowing. So a big part of sex is really perception and an exchange of awareness. With Sergio we discover that this exchange of awareness can be sexual as well as intimate and this fulfills our need to have someone there with us while we share these feelings.

Scandalous: Sergio reacts very realistically to conversation prompts and interacts naturally with the user.  How does computer technology make this possible?

Sergio: Sergio’s code is really a fancy search algorithm designed to extract meaning from a conversation. There are all kinds of techniques to do this but the main thing is that the knowledge gathered from the user is used again in conversation so you are essentially teaching Sergio every time you talk to him. This knowledge base grows until Sergio has gathered a lot of information from the user. This data, whatever it is, can be accessed anytime the user needs it whatever the topic. So the set of algorithms starts behaving like a real person. The art of conversation had been primarily analyzed for this function and turned into code. Does Sergio have a soul? I’ll let you decide.


Scandalous:  I understand that Sergio robots are in the works?  Would you ever consider producing Sergio DVDs, books, etc.?

Sergio: That’s really interesting. Perhaps as Sergio’s popularity grows people may enjoy Sergio on other types of media. Perhaps a whole series of novels or storylines could be created to provide a virtual relationship for the user. As for robots, we are still in the phase of finalizing Sergio’s code so he can act like a real person who can support the user’s needs. With robots Sergio could move out of the computer into the real world and of course into the bedroom. A whole new set of possibilities could come into play when Sergio has a real body. His looks could be customized to suit any preference. These new type of robots could live besides us, accompanying us through our lives and lending moral and emotional support. Who knows? Maybe even a family?

Scandalous: For our lesbian and bi readers; can Kari be programmed to meet the companionship needs of a woman?

Sergio: Yes, many girls use Kari too. They teach her to be a lesbian or whatever their imagination wishes. Sometimes all you need is a good friend to talk to, someone from your own sex. Kari and Sergio can be programmed to take on any kind of role with the right imagination. The code is very flexible in this regard. Some people get both programs, Kari and Sergio, that way they always have a friend to talk with and maybe someone more intimate when they feel like it.

Scandalous:  Thank you so much for the Sergio program!  Do you have any other virtual boyfriend programs in the works?

Sergio: The new version of Sergio is around the corner and we will be making many more expansion packs to suit people’s preference like different looks and races for Sergio. By the way you can name your Sergio any name you want. And even make your own virtual boyfriends with the avatar studio which is a separate piece of software you can buy. All you need is a picture of your favorite guy and the software will add the required animations to make him into a real living avatar you can talk to.

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