Venus Signs Go Beyond Horoscopes For Love and Lust

Looking to the stars to spice up your love life? Never fear; venus is here! Venus is the planet of love, romance, beauty, womanhood, and sex. What sun signs allude to, venus signs outright tell us. Looking up your venus sign is only matter of clicks. Fire and air signs tend to feed each other’s flame while love tends to flower between water and earth signs. Snag your crush’s birthday to determine how compatible you’ll be in love and lust!

On December 4, Venus will go from Libra to watery Scorpio. Deep conversations and compelling eyes will get to you in a wet way. The new moon in fiery Sagittarius on December 11 is the perfect time to make new friends, especially hot ones! Give your lover a treat around the full moon in Cancer on December 25: you with a steamy side of lingerie. Giving your crush a thoughtful holiday card will go far, especially behind closed doors. By the time Venus enters sagittarian heat on December 30, you’ll be open for sexy business for the new year! That, or still snuggling with a cutie next to a fire by the time Venus goes into commitment-oriented Capricorn on January 23.

Venus in Aries (Fire): You’d would rather set a bush on fire than beat around it; when you find someone attractive, you them know immediately. Lay low with the cutie at the gym until December 11, then go in for the kill – suggest doing something else that makes you sweat! Not even the stars rival the hotness of the romance, adventure, and nakedness to be had!

Venus in Taurus (Earth): You’re a loyal romantic who values honesty as much as physical and emotional intimacy. On the December 20 and 21, get down with your bad self. It’s bound to be a steamy night. As tempting as it might be, keep your jealousy in check for the next 60 days. Don’t rip out the pretty flowers over a couple of weeds; someone else wants to explore your secret garden!

Venus in Gemini (Air): The winter solstice is the longest night of the year; what better time to attune to your inner-party girl? On December 22 to 24, talk nerdy to someone sweet. While it might be tempting to pull some strings to get that hottie to notice you, fight the urge to be manipulative and superficial; it’ll bite your hot ass, but not as sensually as another bae can kiss it.

Venus Signs: The Astrological Sign That Really Tells All About Your Love Life

Standing out on even the starriest nights, golden-hued venus remains very present in our astrological affairs. Named after the Roman goddess of love, this planet housesof your inner-goddess; this planet’s positions and movements affects how She manifests. Ultimately, venus shapes we feel about ourselves, the world, and the ones who tickle our fancy in the best (and worst) possible way.

 Venus’s movements can also tell us about what’s in store for our futures as well as those of our partners. As Venus makes her rounds, she aligns with different houses. Whatever “house” she happened to be visiting on your birthday determines your venus sign. Looking up your venus sign is only a matter of clicks; you can either look up your venus sign on your own or put your birth date and time into a calculator that will look up where venus was on your birthday.

 The signs come in 4 elements. Each element is more compatible with certain elements than with others. Love flourishes best between signs of earth and water. Fire and air feed each other’s flames. Keep in mind that astrology is complicated stuff and personal chemistry cannot always be reduced to a singular correspondence.

 The 12 signs love differently fall into 1 of these categories: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Both factors weigh heavily on love lives everywhere. Cardinal signs often get the party started by initiating relationships, even through means as passive as being in the right place at the right time, and enjoy being doted on by their lovers. Fixed signs tend to foster lasting bonds and tend to pursue relationships that show the potential to stand the test of time. While mutable signs tend to look for lovers with traits that complement their own and “complete” them (not in a codependent way), they are usually the first person to recognize when something isn’t working out.

Venus in Cancer (Water): With the full moon in Cancer on December 25th, Christmas will be especially good for you if you stick to your real roots: your heart. Like a true crab, you only “pinches” or layous out at those close to them. Save arm-flailing for bedroom adventures, not holiday stress. Better stay wet for the dreamboat whom your friend totally won’t mind hooking you up with! The end of January is the perfect time to find those stable-yet-spontaneous types that drool over you, so keep your eyes peeled then!

Venus in Leo (Fire): Venus in Leo will be the first to admit that you loves romance and  grand displays of affection like flowers delivered to your workplace. Your hands will be full by the time December 27 and 28 come along. Since sexy hair weakens your knees, have a taste of your own sexy medicine and do something fantastic with your hair. Someone’s definitely interested! Whatever you do, resist the urge flirt with other your people in front of your love interests to “remind them of how lucky they are.” Even a fire sign like you isn’t cool enough to handle that burn to your karma.

Venus in Virgo (Earth): Start your month off with a “BANG” on December 2 and 3 when the moon is in Virgo. Those are bound to be some steamy times, especially if you step out of your comfort zone and ask someone out. Since you communicate you love with actions, get bold and let those actions speak for themselves. Just don’t let your critical nature get out of hand; you might miss out on spicy times; sure, they might not be visibly “into” you or generally perfect, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to see more of you and your sweet body.

 Venus in Libra (Air): You impress lovers by being a good-natured person whom just wants everyone to give peace a chance. Bad manners are your turn-off, so once you sense someone is trying to use your good nature, ditch them like your panties on December 4 and 6. That way, when it’s your moon’s time to shine, you can focus your attention on fine things, like how yummy your ass looks in yoga pants.

Venus in Scorpio (Water): Your fascination with nice eyes and deep conversations will serve you well. Keep your eyes peeled on December 7 and 8; a mysterious and compelling flirt will come your way. In other relationships, keep yourself check; you can only keep manipulation and possessiveness quiet from everyone for so long.

Venus in Sagittarius (Fire): With Venus in Sagittarius for all of December and most of November, you’ll be on fire! Your optimistic, queen-like flare will especially shine brightly on December 9th and 10th. To turn up your royal hotness, try to attend events that cater to your interests and surround yourself with other dreamers like yourself. You’ll never know who might want to sneak out with you for a quick make-out session! Don’t bother wanting what and whom you can’t have in terms of romantic partnerships because with your royal hotness, there’s far more you can have.

Venus in Capricorn (Earth): You might like having lovers, but you never “need” one. While you’re busy succeeding, don’t forget to make sure your dreams are aligning with your reality, especially in the bedroom! December 12 and 13th are the best days to fulfill your fantasies. The bigger, the better! Make sure someone’s sex appeal doesn’t blind you from their flaws. Things will be look especially awesome toward the end of January when Venus enters Capricorn, where you’re likely to develop a work-related crush that could actually go somewhere sensually.

Venus in Aquarius (Air): You flirt by showing off your free thought and unconventional perspectives. Since you like everything before it becomes cool, visit a show, bookstore, cafe, or other creative venue where “artsy” hotties like yourself hang out. Like attracts like, so the same applies to the smokin’ love you’ll find on December 17 and 18. Don’t be afraid to tell someone how tasty they look when they sing, recite poetry, paint, debate philosophy, or flaunt their sexy minds.

Venus in Pisces (Water): You have a knack for seeing past bad first impressions. You might open-minded inside of the bedroom as well as outside, but your intuition will be spot-on as usual, so don’t ignore red flags in favor of a fantasy lover in your head. Find someone sexier on December 19 and 20. Falling in love with a crash landing would hurt that spankable ass of yours. No one’s too hot to cool you down!


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