The Art of Sensual Female Dominance is Claudia Varrin’s introduction and guidebook into the sexual realm where women are in charge. Varrin writes primarily for female readers who have an interest in dominating their sexual partners, but have little or no experience. Legions of would-be male submissives will attest that convincing a girlfriend to experiment with domination is diffi¬cult, if not impossible. Ms. Varrin’s engaging style makes the notion of taking the reins in hand not only appealing, but incredi¬bly romantic and, perhaps, most important, fun.

Chapters address virtually every topic the beginning mistress needs, from “Entering the World of Dominance and Submission” to “Slave Training.” Sections explore the sexual play topics of bondage, discipline, foot adoration and party games. The detail is extensive. One entire chapter describes slave positions that the male submissive should learn to adopt on command, almost as if this book were a dog-training manual.

The neophyte domina often wonders, How is it possible to impose my will on a man who is usually much bigger than me? Ms. Varrin maintains that size isn’t relevant. Domination and control are exercised in the mind and through conditioning. A perfect performance by the submissive earns the compliant pet sexual release as his reward. Using Varrin’s methods, even a diminutive woman can command with complete assurance of obedience.

Ms. Varrin concentrates on instruction at the novice level, emphasizing that all activities must be safe, sane and consensual. In describing activities best suited for experienced players, Varrin cautions the reader to be patient, gain proficiency with the basics and consult in person with experts before attempting advanced techniques.

From Amazon:

Ex-mistress Claudia Varrin celebrates the delightful and unexpected romance and sensuality of D&S (dominance and submission) and offers suggestions on how to add this delicious spice to a bland sexual relationship. From its light-hearted “party games” to its detailed anatomy lesson (imperative for anyone who plans to wield a whip), The Art of Sensual Female Dominance explores many D&S practices in a direct but sensitive way. Varrin communicates how these practices not only are sexually fulfilling but also can bring couples closer emotionally and spiritually.

The book suggests ways in which a woman can introduce D&S into a relationship, gives advice on how to set up one’s first D&S scene, and explores the emotions each partner experiences before, during, and after “playtime”.

There is instruction on the specifics of bondage, foot worship, and discipline, to name just a few of the fabulous fetish and fantasy chapters.

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