Throughout history, the legend of the vampire has assumed many and varied forms. This curious creature of the undead has at various times been portrayed as ghoulish and frightening (as in Nosferatu) or as romantic, seductive, and devastatingly handsome in appearance.

Yeah, well, we at Scandalous! tend to favor the hawt vamps (Surprise! Surprise!); and this Halloween, we would like to recommend a full schedule of vamplicious flicks for your viewing pleasure. Whether you’re looking for a vamp movie that is romantic and suggestive (PG-PG13 range), hot and sensual (verifiably R-rated), or hauntingly hardcore (XXX, baby!), we got ya covered. So please take a bite out of our lascivious list of the Top 13 Sexy Vampire Flicks (1970s-2000s)!

Vamps can only get so hot and sexy while restricted to the ratings category of PG/PG-13 (damn it!); yet it is here that we find one of the few Dracula-themed sex comedies, Love at First Bite. Starring a handsome young George Hamilton, this 1979 comedy whisks the charming, debonair Dracula away to New York City; where he romances glamorous, sassy career woman Susan St. James. Despite a few cringe worthy touches (Dracula, while never forceful with his heroine, does recite an out of place rape joke from a magazine at the beginning, and St. James’ Cindy admits her intention to abandon her career the minute she meets Mr. Right), Love at First Bite remains a fun and sexy entry in the Dracula canon.

Speaking of cringe worthy, many feminists and film critics outright detested the Twilight Saga (2008-2012); the five-film cinematic adaption of Stephenie Meyer‘s young adult vampire series. Some decry the saga’s vampire hero, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), as being controlling and stalker-like in behavior, and the heroine Bella (Kristen Stewart) as being weak and awkward. Others embrace Twilight as a guilty pleasure, a film series featuring lots of vampire romance with little of the gore–not to mention a cast filled with drop dead gorgeous males, including Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone.  Plus the original Twilight was directed by a gifted female film maker, Catherine Hardwicke.

And in 2014, the stunning Luke Evans brought us a muscular alpha Dracula in Dracula Untold, the biography of Prince Vlad Tepes; the real-life inspiration for the character of Count Dracula. In this film we see the fearless warrior Vlad ensconced in both love and war, and are treated to scenes of his tender romance with his beloved Princess Mirena (Sarah Gadon).

Things get a bit steamier in the R-rated category, with the 1979 version of Dracula, setting the standard for a more romantic, sexualized portrayal of the immortal Count. In this atmospheric and beautifully shot film, classically trained stage and screen legend Frank Langella portrays Dracula as a romantic seducer, as opposed to a violent killer.

“I saw him totally as a figure of romance, not a figure of fear,” Langella said in the documentary The Revamping of Dracula. “I knew that this Dracula was to be aimed at women and their fantasies of this character.”

Following Langella’s lead, Gerard Butler delivered a dashing and hypersexualized rendition of Dracula in Dracula 2000; one that enchanted and seduced an endless trail of women while wreaking havoc in modern day New Orleans.

Another legendary vampire, Anne Rice’s Lestat, was brought to the screen in the 1994 blockbuster Interview with the Vampire. The beautiful and tragic figures of Lestat (Tom Cruise) and his protégé Louis (Brad Pitt) resounded strongly with audiences of both genders – women in particular.

While many romantic vampires are portrayed as classically coutured gentlemen who wear tuxes and the Regency era dress of the fop or the dandy, the 1980s introduced the concept of the rock’n’roll vampire. In 1987, The Lost Boys featured a group of sharp-dressed, hard-living teen vampire hunks who party all night and sleep all day. With an all-star cast of gorgeous, talented young men that included Jason Patric (who plays the film’s hero, the conflicted half-vampire Michael), Billy Wirth, Brooke McCarter, and more, The Lost Boys also proved a star-making vehicle for Kiefer Sutherland, who played the magnetic vampire known as David.

With its excessive eye candy and a scorching love scene between Patric and Jami Gertz, The Lost Boys introduced many female fans to the vampire genre.  The same is true of the 1985 and 2011 versions of Fright Night , with Chris Sarandon and Colin Farrell playing the role of the magnetic Jerry; the bloodthirsty vampire next door who still manages to be charming and seductive.

The concept of the rock’n’roll vampire was immortalized and personified in Queen of the Damned, the 2002 film that reintroduced the character of Lestat – this time in the form of a scorchingly sexy rock’n’roller played by Stuart Townsend. Townsend’s bathtub sex scene with the late pop star Aailyah is among the sexiest and most celebrated ever filmed.

Most literally straddling the line between R- and X-rated vampire scorchers is the little seen softcore gem Haunting Desires (2006). Porn god Evan Stone smolders as the sexy vampire Adrian, the owner of a sex club that doubles as a vampiric coven. When spirited, tough as nails reporter Jill (Beverly Lynne) tries to infiltrate the club, the studly Adrian seduces her into the realm of an erotic netherworld.

One would think that the genre of hardcore pornography would bring us a wealth of sensual vampire stories. Sadly, though, most XXX vampire movies are either ridiculous cheesecake fests of the Muffy the Vampire Layer variety, or hard-hitting, male-driven skin flicks that might (like 1978’s Dracula Sucks) contain elements of rape and adult incest.

In more recent years, however, hardcore directors have been delivering a few more romantic and tastefully sensual vampire tales for our enjoyment. In 1993, director Philip Christian delivered the incredible paranormal romance Immortal Desire (known as Vampire X in some countries); the story of Renaissance era lovers Gabriel (played by Australian actor/exotic dancer Gerald Pike, one of the most beautiful and vocally gifted actors ever to grace the adult screen) and Anna (the gorgeous British actress Sarah Jane Hamilton). Performing a blood rite meant to grant them immortal life and love, this enchanting pair meet again in WWI and finally are reunited in present day Los Angeles.

Poetic, tender, daring and visually stunning, Immortal Desire is an erotic fever dream of a movie; a love story in an industry of sex stories.

In the early 2000s, PlaygirlTV cast gorgeous and talented international actors like Jean Val Jean and Niko in vampire short films with lucky ladies. And in 2012, feminist porn director/performer Stormy Daniels created the lovely Immortal Love and it’s softcore version Sex with a Vampire. It’s the story of a beautiful, strong-willed concert pianist (Gracie Glam) who falls in love with a handsome and mysterious paranormal guardian (Xander Corvus); one who protects his lady from a troop of evil vampires who killed his first wife.

So just remember, Ladies; this Halloween, those mysterious creatures that go bump in the night might not be scary or ghoulish at all. They may just be ‘dead sexy’ vampires more than eager to bite your neck; for starters….

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