Using Whips To Enhance Your Sex Life

Using whips on your man is a provocative way of spicing up your sex life and opening up new sexual avenues for you to explore. Just like bondage and other BDSM activities, whipping is a great introduction to the wider S&M arena.

Indulge yourself in some punishment role play by using a whip to dish out pain in response to activities from your guy that displeases you.

Pain can be an overwhelming sensation that will boost your orgasms to new levels, due to the brain releasing chemicals called endorphins to help reduce the pain caused by a spank or slap. You may also relish the physical effect of seeing a temporary mark left on your lover’s ass, thigh or leg due to the punishment you have dished out.

Whipping his ass, thigh or legs will also heighten the nerve endings in the targeted area, making your lover’s skin much more responsive to stroking, licking, biting, nibbling and scratching after it has been struck with a whip.

But before you start experimenting with different toys, remember these basic rules:

1. NEVER land a blow from any instrument over or on a vital organ.

2. Prepare the body.  The skin is one of our most vital organs, take time before each session where whipping may be involved to prepare his skin for the beating. It need not be an intrusive preparation; you can make it part of the seduction.  Preparing the skin well will minimise the damage that occurs. Spanking from light to increasingly heavy strokes is one commonly used method

3. Know where you are hitting.  Develop a stance and proper technique. Stand straight but relaxed, posture is important. Erect posture through each stroke will ensure that the tips of the whip land in the same place each time

4.  There’s something very liberating about having a man at the mercy of your whip. Have fun!