Unnilhexium is radioactive

A quick dictionary check of Unnilhexium gives us this definition: a short-lived radioactive element that is produced artificially. Why this electronica/experimental act chose to describe themselves as ‘short-lived’ is a mystery – it obviously has staying power. Radioactive I get! The music from their album Cosmic Retrospections is infectious, surreal and little bit addictive.

The album is aptly described as a “mysterious journey throughout the universe. The cosmic aura, combined with the exploration of the mystic timeline.” Clocking in at 40 minutes or so, this collection of songs runs the spectrum of electronic music. Harmonious and lush, the writer obviously spent a lot of time recording and producing it. Each song is a continuation of the one before it – Retrospection I, Retrospection II, Retrospection III, Retrocomputer and Cosmic Retropections: the End are the pieces in this collection. With no filler – each one being a truly good representation of the genre – you won’t be disappointed with Unnilhexium’s Cosmic Retrospections.

We have your free track here:

Retrospection III
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