Unleash Your Bronze Goddess with Sunless Tan

Working indoors at a desk in front of a computer all day is wrought with peril – from eye strain to weight gain. There was even a report recently that said the more you sit down, the more likely you’ll die! But I think one of the biggest bummers about spending so many hours working in an office setting is not getting out in the sun enough! By the time spring and summer roll around I usually still have my winter pale look going on – and I live in Florida! So I can either log hours in a tanning bed or use this hot new product from Rodan & Fields DermatologistsEssentials Foaming Sunless Tan!

I eagerly opened the package when it arrived this week. Spring Break was in full effect and this white chick wanted to soak it in – but hadn’t had anytime to soak any sun in. I was impressed with how it felt – the foam wasn’t greasy and after applying it, it dried quickly. True to the packaging’s instructions, I gradually got that California Blonde look in about four hours – just in time to head out for a Saturday night beach party. The color was very natural-looking for me and I didn’t have to expose myself to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays to get it!

OK, here are the technical details: It contains Rodan + Fields’ RF-Dcell technology, which is derived from dormant narcissus bulb extract, to actually “quench” the rate of cell hyper-proliferation and extend the duration of the sunless tan. But don’t concern yourself too much with that, just enjoy the sexy bronze color you get from it.

Interested? Pick it up here.

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Originally from Montreal where she covered local night life for an alternative magazine, Lauren is now now based in South Florida where she works in marketing and spends her weekends sampling the area’s night life.