Universal You's International Dance Floor Appeal

universal1Artists often evolve. They gradually soak in other influences that uniquely change their musical direction. Such is the case with Universal You. This one-time rock act always felt the need to create buzz on dance floors. Call it channeling their inner groove. Fans of their former guitar-driven rock sound need not worry, though, because they’ve found a way to marry it with their new-found dance/club sound, creating a funky techno sound with just enough edge make it dangerous.

On their new collection MMXIII – I, Universal You serves up four succulent tracks designed to win new fans and satisfy current ones. The album kicks off with a remake of an 80s Simple Minds piece called Love Song. Their rendition retains the spirit of the original while injecting it with a pure sexual beat. Combined with some killer guitar riffs and very sensual vocals by lead singer Gi, this one is already filling dance floors. Fans of the original will be appreciate their take on it. Those who are unfamiliar with the Simple Minds version will be swept away by it.

The next track was a bit of a surprise to me. It’s also a remake and this time Bon Jovi‘s Keep The Faith gets the treatment. It isn’t quite as affective as Love Song and, being that Bon Jovi has such a deep catalog I was left wondering why Universal You chose that particular cut. Still, it’s a great piece and, like the original, sounds even better LOUD!

Coming Back For More is a retro groove that immediately reminded me of No Doubt‘s Hella Good. It’s an uptempo song that straddles the line between rock and dance. Gi earns her tough girl bona fides with a strong vocal performance that ties the song’s split personality together.

In my opinion, though, the collection’s crowning achievement is the slinky sexy I Love You Baby, an erotic bump and grind perfect for sweaty dance floor fucking. Easily the more memorable track on an overall excellent collection, I Love You Baby slides out of your speakers, seducing you to listen again and again.

Head over to their website and Facebook pages for more information on Universal You. You can also listen to the entire album below. Enjoy!

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Originally from Montreal where she covered local night life for an alternative magazine, Lauren is now now based in South Florida where she works in marketing and spends her weekends sampling the area’s night life.


  1. Lauren Michelle…I like the way you write the words ;]

    Thanks for such a cool review. Meet you on the dance floor…soon! I Love You Baby ;}


    Universal You