'Unhung Hero' asks: Does Size Matter?

WOW! Patrick Moote has a small dick and his girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal because of it. So what would any man do in his situation? He traveled around the word looking for enlargement solutions. Oh yeah, and he made a movie about it!

In the new documentary, “UnHung Hero,” Moote seeks answers for his little wang. It all began when Moote’s girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal on a Jumbotron at a UCLA basketball game. Video of the fail went viral, and Moote’s girlfriend told him that one reason she couldn’t marry him was that his manhood just do it for her in the bedroom.

So scandalouswomen, does size matter and is it a valid reason to turn down a marriage proposal? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below!


  1. If it’s such an important thing to her, I can’t imagine why she let the relationship advance so far to the point he felt he could propose to her. Yeah, size matters but only to a point. There are other things more important for a good relationship and sex life. Oh, and there is such a thing as being too big.

  2. I think a lot of girls are conditioned to believe it makes sex better. And guys see porn and think they should be that size, too. It’s nice but it isn’t everything. More so than anything it gives a girl something to brag about. 😉