Unforgettable Affair

“Damn!” I swore as I broke my nail on the car door.My boyfriend, who was always too busy for me, was now too busy to book his parents 25th wedding anniversary. So that job was on me. A broken nail and planning an event for his mom and dad. Ya-fucking-hoo!

I was still annoyed at having to go on yet another unappreciated errand as I approached the doors of Chicago’s newest upscale catering business. When I opened the French doors, the strong odor of fresh paint, new carpeting, industrial air-conditioning and deep rich leather furniture enveloped my senses.

“May I help you?” asked a man who had sneaked up on me. I turned my head and felt weak in the knees as I gazed into the eyes of the most attractive man I had ever seen. His dark black hair contrasted with his fair skin and his light green eyes made my thoughts scramble as I tried not to stare.

“I’m Shannon White, I have an appointment with…” I trailed off.

“Michael,” the hottie answered with a knowing wink. “Follow me,” he said as he began to show me around the ground floor.

Each room was more beautiful than the next, but I couldn’t keep my thoughts on the business at hand. I pictured what he would look like in the buff. Strong, hard, lean—he was the perfect specimen of a man. He showed me picturesque artwork and expertly detailed sculptures. I was so curious about this man. Did I mention whose anniversary this was for? Did this piece of eye candy know I had a boyfriend? I wouldn’t let him be an issue if I could get a piece of Michael.

For the first time in my life, I felt a confidence I never felt before. I wanted to grab this man, throw him to the floor and fuck him until he begged for mercy. I watched and studied his hard ass from every angle as he walked me around presenting room options and menu suggestions. All I wanted to know was if he was wearing briefs, boxers or nothing at all.

He confessed that the Starlight Room was his favorite because it had a spectacular view during both the day and evening. As he stood behind me pointing out the landscaping through the veranda, I leaned back against him. His body was as solid as I imagined, but what I didn’t expect was to feel his hard cock pressed against the inside of his tailored suit pants.

I leaned back just the slightest bit more and felt his hardness pressed against the small of my back. A slight moan escaped my open lips.

Michael pulled away and took me by the hand. “I have so much more to show you.”

He led me to a deep-carpeted staircase and smiled. “After you,” he said. Michael then let me walk about five steps in front of him so he had a birds’ eye view right up my short skirt. I was wearing my skimpiest thong. Was he burning for me the way I was for him?  How I want this man!

He directed me to the top of the stairs where I was surprised to see a wedding in progress.

Flashing his adorable grin he motioned me to continue up yet another, smaller staircase which led to multiple balconies overlooking the entire affair. We proceeded upward and Michael placed his hand around my waist and gently rubbed the base of my well-formed breasts. Slowly he moved his thumb up to the center of my now heaving breast. I turned to him, eyes closed, mouth opened and gave him a kiss. He pulled the pins from inside my hair and let my long flowing tresses drop around my slim shoulders and back.

“You are beautiful,” he murmured as he kissed my ear lobe and inside of my neck. Ever so slowly he opened the buttons to my blouse and proceeded to gently nip and suck my breasts.

“Come with me,” he whispered as he clasped my hand and led me through the dark corridor.

In front of us were private suites overlooking the grand wedding that was taking place below. He shut the door and pressed me firmly against it with his body. He held both my wrists over my head with one hand and kissed me deeply and passionately, all the while grinding his dick against me. I couldn’t believe the erotic sensation I was feeling, until I came. I felt like a teenage girl having her first hot sex session in the backseat of a car.

I was a bit embarrassed. Here I was, a grown woman, having orgasms while I was still fully dressed. Michael noticed the flush in my cheeks and kissed me until I was ready again. Ready for the real thing.

He led me over to a plush couch in the comer of the large suite and kneeled in front of me, his hands roaming slowly up and down my inner thighs. I raised my toned, hard ass as Michael slowly removed my thong and tossed it aside. I reached down and felt again his thick solid cock, but this time it was pulsing between my fingers and the rich material of his slacks.

He put my hand on his shoulder and slowly kissed his way down to my throbbing, awaiting pussy. He flicked my mound with his vibrating tongue, teasing me, making me push my whole body toward him. I arched my back uncontrollably as he zeroed in on my beckoning clit. I could no longer hold off the climax and pressed the back of his head against me. I came with such force tears streamed from my eyes.

Through glazed eyes I looked again at the wedding beneath us. The guests were none the wiser. I did not look up at Michael’s handsome green eyes but at his straining bulge of manhood. I opened his leather belt, unbuttoned his pants and undid his zipper. His cock was huge and perfect and all I wanted to do was taste it.

He pressed my back against the sofa in an effort to enter me. “I want to suck you,” I muttered as I bent down toward his dick.

I licked the thick, glistening member, which was extended to its maximum girth. The smooth helmet pulsed with wetness as I tasted his love juices. I remembered a trick I learned in college but, until now, had never felt hot and horny enough to try it. I sucked his whole member deep into my throat and moved my tongue along his balls.

I felt his rhythm and licked up and down to the movement of his hips. I reached behind him and delicately teased his asshole with my finger. His body stiffened.

“I have to be inside you,” he moaned.

With one last suck, I let his beautiful member fall from my lips. He sat on the plush couch, and I let my long legs straddle his muscular thighs. With slow pulses and a combination of intensely delicious pain and pleasure, I took his whole giant rocket deep inside me. He pushed me up and down, teasing me with just the head, rubbing it against my wet opening. When my juices seemed to flow down his hard dick, he pumped me with his entire length.

I exploded in a spasm of ecstasy and lay spent on top of him.

“Rest here,” he said, as he covered me with a silk tablecloth that was lying nearby. I watched as he pulled on his pants and straightened his tie. “I’ll be right back,” he sensuously told me.

My eyes gently closed to the sounds of the wedding band. Not long afterward, I was awakened by the smell of a delicious buffet of the finest delicacies. Michael had his chefs prepare an elaborate display: lobster, filet mignon, caviar, oysters, clams and rich desserts. My stomach growled. He poured two glasses of sparkling champagne. “Only for our finest clients,” he said as he leaned over and kissed my breast.

Michael looked deeply in my eyes and lifted a forkful of truffle cake to my lips. “Hungry?” he innocently asked and proceeded to feed me a multitude of spectacular foods, each more delicious than the next. He pulled the tender lobster from its shell and let the sweet butter drip into my awaiting mouth. I cringed at the salty caviar. He held an oyster to my lips and told me to suck deeply.

But all the while I ate, I gazed in his eyes and thought, “Fuck me again.” As if reading my thoughts, Michael began to kiss my neck and suck his way down toward my tight abdomen.

“Now for my dessert,” he said and kissed me passionately. Michael buried his gorgeous face in my lap. He licked and teased me until I spread my legs wide. He ate me like the delicacies he previously shared. He timed the pressure perfectly and ground his tongue into my bright pink knob, causing me to climax yet again. Within a moment I heard Michael climax too. I was so involved in his excellent oral I didn’t even notice his beautiful dick in his hand.

We polished off the leftover food and laughed and talked. Never had I had so much great sex, in all my life! I’ll be limping tomorrow, I thought and smiled.

He helped me from the chair and raised all the sides of the tablecloth. China, silver and all crashed together as he removed the dishes and placed the sack-like tablecloth to the floor. He leaned my back against the hardwood table and entered me easily. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pumped me methodically. I felt my swollen mound tingling with each thrust.

I backed away and released his manhood from my smooth wetness. He moaned with displeasure.

I positioned myself in front of him and placed each of his hands on my breasts. I knew Michael pumping me from behind would be sheer ecstasy. I pressed my firm ass toward his erect dick. His cock seemed to jump to attention. I raised myself on tiptoes and reached behind me to place him inside my wet pussy. He rocked slowly in and out until his whole length was penetrated deep within my creaming walls. Michael reached around to my hard throbbing clit and rubbed firmly with the ball of his hand. Wave upon wave upon wave of orgasm washed through me.

I felt Michael stiffen against my ass and shoot his juices within my now soaking walls.

He collapsed on me. We dressed in quiet contentment. “Please call me again,” Michael said, as he walked me to the door and handed me his business card. We kissed deeply and I almost didn’t go. I turned and walked to my car while the guests from the wedding were waiting for the valets. I looked at the business card and a sly grin touched my lips: “Michael Crispin, Owner. Crispin’s: For An Unforgettable Affair”

I knew I’d be calling again.

~Amanda G.
St. Paul

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