Ulises Crafts EDM/Freestyle Hybrid

Music is always a source of conversation with me and yesterday, over margaritas with a close friend, I made the observation of how female singers far outnumber male singers today and how there isn’t really any male superstars in this generation. This statement immediately caused us both to whip out our iPhones and start searching the music charts and other references. Theory confirmed within minutes – there aren’t nearly as many guy jams on the radio to day as there was just 10 years ago. One reason is obvious – pop music is more feminine than it ever was. A second not-so-obvious component to this is guys typically gravitate to harder edge rock and alt music – styles that aren’t as in fashion on top40 radio as they were in the grungy 90s and immediately after.

Coincidentally, I had a some tracks waiting in my inbox later that afternoon from an artist named Ulises. Managing to straddle the line between androgynous and masculinity, this latino heartthrob successfully fuses electronic music with traditional latin-freestyle grooves to create something quite unique. His new album, simply titled 6, contains six (duh!) fresh tracks designed to keep your party going.

Standout tracks include the ultra-sexy bump and grind piece Sugar Cane. Trust me, the steamy double entendre isn’t lost on this girl! Uptempo dance floor (soon to be) favorites include Love Frontier, Crescendo and Sodalicious.

With a name that recalls classic Greek mythology and a voice reminiscent of (yes, I’m going to go there) Gloria Estefan’s protege Jon Secada, Ulises has the tools to break into the radio mainstream. Pick up his album at itunes. And, as usual, we have your free track below.

Love Frontier