Triple Play! A Plasma TV, A Baseball Game, and TWO Men!

Triple Play!

My husband and I are avid baseball fans, and we decided that we would finally replace our old TV with a flat-screen, high-definition model in time to watch the World Series. Matt did some research online beforehand, so when we arrived at the electronics store, we knew exactly what we wanted. I hurried to keep up with Matt’s long strides as he headed straight for the home-theater area. Once there, he slowed his pace and we worked our way along the row of televisions on display, checking the specs and model numbers of each, searching for the perfect one.

Down at the end of the row, a guy in a leather jacket and baseball cap was admiring a particular set. As Matt and I moved from one TV to the next without finding the one we wanted, I got a sneaking suspicion that we would end up at the same model the other customer was interested in. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. “Here we go, Kendra,” said Matt as he inspected the stylish flat-screen TV and its tag.

“Oh, you guys like this one too?” the stranger asked, turning to us with a handsome smile.

My breath caught in my throat. He was very good-looking, with short, sandy-colored hair, a square jaw and a fit, athletic build. His baseball hat was the fitted kind, not adjustable, a sure sign of a die-hard fan. He had an outgoing manner, and I liked him instantly. In the moments that followed, it was clear that Matt did, too.

“Yes, we’ve had our eye on this model,” Matt explained. “The World Series is going to look great on this baby.”

The man’s face lit up. “That’s for sure. I was thinking the same thing.” He laughed, looking from me to Matt and back again. “Watching the Series on my old twenty-four-inch TV just won’t cut it this year.” I could see in his blue eyes that he found me attractive.

A salesman came over, looking embarrassed. “I hope you don’t both want this one, because I’m pretty sure we only have the display model left,” he said, somewhat sheepishly.

There was an awkward silence. Matt looked at the salesman, then at me, then at our new friend. “Well, why don’t you go check to be sure,” he said. The sales guy nodded and headed off. While we waited for him, the three of us talked baseball, the just-concluded season, the playoffs, the teams and players we liked. All the while, I got hotter and hotter for this man, whose name, we learned, was Jason. He was almost Matt’s height, but a little slimmer and probably half a dozen years younger. He and Matt were soon clicking like old buddies, and I felt a surge of horniness at Jason’s unmistakable desire for me. We were all hitting it off so well that we almost didn’t notice the salesman’s return.

“Sorry, it’s like I said,” the guy apologized. “I only have this one unit.” This was not good news. or was it? I was getting an idea that made my palms sweaty and my heart beat faster. You see, Matt and I enjoy pushing the boundaries of our sexual relationship. We discovered awhile back that we especially love three-way sex; we’ve had men join us for some incredibly exciting, unforgettable encounters. Now, watching and talking with Jason, I came to the conclusion that he would be game for some three-way action with me and Matt.

“Look, we can find another TV,” Matt was saying. My husband is many things; smart, funny, great in bed, but he’s not selfish. Nor is he blind; I knew he had picked up on the sexual attraction between Jason and me. I caught him looking at me with an “I know what you’re thinking” smile, and I could tell he was open to a threesome with Jason.

“No, you guys take the TV,” our new friend said earnestly. “To tell you the truth, it’s really too much for my budget anyway.”

I sensed this was an honest remark, but I wasn’t prepared to let Jason off the hook so easily. “How about this,” I piped up, laying my hand on Jason’s arm. “We’ll take it, but only if you’ll come watch Game One at our place.”

Jason smiled broadly. “Sure, that would be great!” he said. We exchanged phone numbers and gave him our address. Ten minutes and one new TV later, we bid good-bye to Jason until the first game of the series.

Five long days later, our doorbell rang about an hour before game time. Matt went to answer it and came back to the living room with Jason, whose eyes grew wide when he saw me. I was wearing my shortest shorts and a replica team baseball jersey with the top three buttons undone, so that my full breasts were on display. Jason swallowed hard, and I almost giggled. I caught a whiff of his sexy cologne as he gave me a peck on the cheek.

Matt made margaritas for everyone and then took the easy chair, while I sat down next to Jason on the couch. The TV was showing pre-game ceremonies, but I must confess, baseball was no longer foremost on my mind. As we talked and got to know Jason better, I felt an exciting vibe of sexual tension in the room. I flirted brazenly with our guest, who enjoyed my overtures but was obviously unsure how to react. I excused myself to bring our empty glasses back to the kitchen, giving Matt an opportunity to talk plainly with Jason.

When I returned, Jason’s smile had taken on an animated, almost incredulous quality, like he had just found out he’d won the lottery. “Matt says,” he swallowed and his voice dropped to a hush. “He says you’d like us both to fuck you, Kendra. Is that right? Because, frankly, I’d love to.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” I replied, feeling my pulse race. I knelt on the couch close beside Jason and looked deep into his eyes as I slowly unzipped his fly. Behind me, Matt started to undress. Jason eased back into the couch and let me pull out his cock, which was quite impressive, long, stout and heavily veined, with a thatch of light brown pubic hair at the base. I lowered my head and filled my mouth with the helmet-shaped cap. It felt large and dense, a fleshy knob of sensitive nerve endings that quivered against my palate. I fastened my lips around the shaft, just below the glans, and sucked gently at first, then more urgently. Jason sighed with pleasure, and I felt his dick grow even harder. He ran his hand through my hair, holding it back from my face as I swallowed his cock.

Matt knelt on the couch behind me and stroked my ass, which was high in the air. He pushed my knees wider and dipped his face into the perfectly smooth lips of my cunt. Matt shaves me regularly down there, to maximize the tactile pleasures whenever he or any of my other lovers goes down on me. I could feel every detail of his lips and chin against my swollen nether lips. As Matt slipped his tongue into my folds, I remained bent over Jason’s lap, earnestly licking and sucking his cock. Jason moaned and moved his hips, increasing the friction of my lips on his pole. I relaxed my throat and took more of his rod into my mouth, until I had engulfed most of its length. Then I waited a beat, letting the vibrations in my throat tease Jason, before pulling back to the top of his cock again. His fingers coiled in my hair, twisting my blonde tresses in response to the play of my tongue along the underside of his prick. He slipped his other hand into my open shirt and toyed with my breasts, which swayed forward and back as I bobbed over his length.

Meanwhile, Matt continued to swirl his strong tongue in my cunt, making me gasp every time he flicked my clit. He stopped for a second to peel me open with his fingertips, admiring the mouth of my sex and my swollen bud. Then he renewed his tongue attack, making me sloppy back there with a mix of his saliva and my juices. The pleasure was intense, and I was finding it hard to keep my mouth on Jason?s cock. I had a moment?s relief when my husband, yielding to his own need, suddenly straightened up and placed his cock at the opening of my cunt. Then he grasped the globes of my ass with both hands and leaned into me, filling me in one sublime thrust. I cried out with pleasure, momentarily losing my grip on Jason?s penis.

Grabbing hold of that thick spike again, I let Jason guide my head down until my lips encircled his shaft once more. Behind me, Matt was sliding in and out of my slick channel with an easy rhythm, but he was just getting started. I knew his insouciance belied a storm of excitement and anticipation that was roiling inside him. With each plunge into my sex, his cock seemed to swell, growing a little longer and thicker inside me. He increased the pace of his thrusts, grunting each time his heavy ball sac slapped against my vulva. The impacts sent sparks of pleasure coursing through my body and propelled me forward against Jason’s cock. Leaning over my shoulder as he pumped against my ass, Matt watched me work at Jason’s tumescence. I knew my husband was taking his own vicarious pleasure in the sight of his wife enthusiastically sucking off another man. Imagining the scene through Matt’s eyes ramped up my own passion, making my whole body flutter with arousal.

It was incredibly satisfying to be penetrated at both ends like that. Apparently the guys were more than a little excited too, for as I tasted pre-come on the tip of Jason’s cock, Matt stiffened behind me and sent a stream of cum deep into my cunt. I felt his cock pulsing inside me as it discharged its load of warm cream. “That’s it, honey, fill me up!” I cried, looking back at Matt over my shoulder while running my hand up and down Jason’s pole. Eventually Matt’s spasms subsided and his softening cock slipped out of me, but I knew he would quickly recover and be ready for more action. I wasn’t sure about Jason, so I decided not to let him cum just yet. I was eager to make our fun last as long as possible, and I was sure that both men felt the same way.

Letting go of Jason, I turned around on the couch and lay between my two lovers, with my head practically in Matt’s lap and my thighs spread open for Jason’s magnificent prick. Knowing my nude body was totally on display for both of them filled me with new waves of lust. “Take me here,” I purred to Jason, regarding him with half-closed eyes and using two fingers to peel back the lips of my pussy. Without waiting for his reaction, I reached for my husband’s cock, which was already stiffening up again. My own juices were all over the shaft, making it shine in the lamplight. Greedily I lapped along its underside, feeling the skin grow more taut by the second. I started at the bristly root and moved up the shaft to the head, then back again. Matt’s perineum was in easy reach of my tongue, so I traced wet circles there, then moved across the wrinkly skin of his balls, too. His scent, intermingled with mine, was intoxicating.

Down at the other end of my body, Jason grabbed hold of my upraised thighs, planted one foot on the floor beside the couch, and pulled my hips toward him. A moment later he shoved into my sex, taking my breath away. His cock was a stranger to my cunt, its contours thrillingly unfamiliar. I could feel every detail of its shape and thickness as it burrowed deep into me, seeking my sexual core. My thigh muscles flexed involuntarily and my ass lifted off the couch when Jason?s root smacked against my clit. I bucked against him, encouraging him to go faster. Reaching under me, he grasped my buttocks and then really started to pound into me, like a man possessed. His balls slapped against the cheeks of my ass with a salacious smacking sound, and beads of sweat from his forehead spattered my breasts and belly.

Watching all this, Matt made a sound of satisfaction deep in his throat. He turned to gaze down at me, his face filled with passion. Taking hold of his cock, he aimed it downward and fed it, inch by inch, into my hungry mouth. When about half his length had disappeared between my lips, he stopped and let me take over. With feverish delight, I arched my neck a little and took more of him, until his glans touched the back of my throat. Compared to Jason’s meaty truncheon, Matt’s cock felt smoother against my tongue, straighter and more polished. I loved them both. Matt began raising and lowering himself above my face, fucking my mouth. His eyes returned to the sight of Jason’s spike as it plowed in and out of my dripping hole. I reached around Matt’s waist and grabbed his ass as a sudden rush of pleasure surged up from my center, making me abandon my husband’s cock. “Oh God, I?m coming!” I cried, reveling in the blissful sensations that wracked my body.

Jason held my thighs fast against his chest. and I think he almost came then, but with a Herculean effort, he pulled out of my cunt, gripping the base of his cock tightly. “Turn over,” he suggested, and I happily complied, getting onto my hands and knees so he could penetrate me doggy-style.

With frantic passion he re-aimed his cock at my dripping cunt and slammed into me. His prick felt like it was on fire as it thrust in and out of my molten core. Soon I felt like I was on the verge of coming again. Jason leaned over me, reached around and filled his hands with my breasts. His wild fingers tweaked and pinched my nipples, amplifying the ripples of pleasure coursing through my entire being.

Matt watched us for a moment, transfixed. Then he crawled underneath us so that his face was directly below my cunt. The sight filling his vision must have been amazing: my blonde pubic bush matted with sex juice, Jason’s fat prick powering in and out of my pink channel, his pendulous balls spanking smartly against my slick labia. Matt’s cock, harder than ever, was right there in front of me, standing up tall and proud from his groin, so I curled my palm around it and began pumping my hand up and down the shaft. At the same time, I felt Matt’s warm breath on my pussy, followed by the touch of his fingers on my distended clit. Then came the additional sensation of his tongue, feather-light but insistent, as he licked my sex and at Jason’s, too. Boldly he worked his warm tongue into my folds where Jason?s cock was pumping wildly into me. Jason’s initial cry of surprise gave way to a guttural moan of deep pleasure. His hands tightened on my breasts and his thrusts into my sex became stronger, almost feral. Encouraged, Matt plied our sticky juncture with greater zest, spreading me open so he could stroke and lick Jason’s cock as it rocketed back and forth in my vagina. He lapped at us both, tasting us and spreading his saliva from my swollen clit to Jason’s swaying balls. Jason was going insane with excitement, and I was too, pushing back and grinding my cunt against him. The passionate sounds of our torrid three-way union echoed through the house.

When my unruly palpitations uncoupled me from Jason’s dick, Matt took hold of the other man’s twitching dock and aimed it a bit higher, toward my tiniest hole. The idea of having Jason finish in my backside while Matt looked on from below sent a surge of adrenaline through my body. “Yes, that’s it!” I said in a strained, husky voice. “Shoot your load in my ass, Jason!” He was already entering me, pushing his slick member through my sphincter. Matt curved one hand against my pussy, rubbing fiercely, and used his other hand to help guide Jason?s prick further into my asshole. I was fully impaled in no time, and the sensation was so intense, so sublime, that I finally slipped over the brink of ecstasy. Eyes closed, I lowered my face into my husband?s pubic hair and held my ass up high for Jason. He pulled out of my rear just to the head of his cock, then plunged back in to the hilt, and I saw stars. With a carnal bellow that reverberated through the room, Jason came with me, his body jolting uncontrollably against me. His throbbing cock felt huge in my ass as it spat gobs of hot semen up my back channel. A string of successive climaxes ripped through me from the inside out, shaking me like a rag doll. Jason withdrew from my asshole in time to decorate my buttocks with a few last spurts of warm cream, which he sensually rubbed into my skin.

Somehow I managed to keep my hand on Matt’s quivering prick. My palm flew up and down, fed by the force of my orgasm, and suddenly Matt’s cock erupted wildly, shooting his white cream into the air like a geyser. I let the gooey fluid coat my hand and then licked my fingers clean.

As the room quieted and we all regained our breath, we heard the play-by-play broadcaster on the TV saying, “We move to the fourth inning, the score tied at one . . . ”

Jason, Matt and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.

“I guess we’ve missed some of the game,” I said.

“It was worth it,” Jason replied, grinning.

“Well, it’s only Game One,” Matt told him. “Would you like to come back and join us for the rest of the Series?”

“Count on it,” Jason said, and I knew he would return for more fun and games.

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