Trick or Treat

When I checked in at the hotel and saw the masquerade ball notice, I knew I would be crashing the party. The idea of going to a masked ball in a hotel full of strangers gave me a lusty rush. But what to wear? I decided on the black silk negligee and robe I had just purchased while in Paris. The gown was low cut in the front, which showed off my large breasts, and it plunged dangerously low in the back, calling attention to my shapely hips. The robe was floor length and adorned with ostrich feathers at the sleeves.

When I got to my room, I found a complimentary bottle of chilled wine and a small black mask adorned with pink feathers. My costume is complete, I thought, dressing and rushing down to the party.I grew more anxious as I rode the elevator down to the ballroom. Inside were people in various costumes and extraordinary masks. A band was playing a hot tune and several couples were dancing. I strolled through the entrance, my hips swinging provocatively and my breasts jiggling. My nipples pressed so tightly against the silk bodice of the nightgown that any man could tell I was aroused.

My gaze swept the crowd, and I spied him-my cock for the night, sitting at the bar in the corner. He was dressed in black silk pajama bottoms and a matching smoking jacket. The jacket was open, exposing a beautifully bronzed chest. He had dark hair that grazed his shoulders and a small black mask concealing his upper face.

“Hi,” I said in a breathy voice. I walked right in between his splayed knees and placed my right hand on his cock. It pulsed beneath my palm and I could tell he was naked under his pants. I bit my bottom lip and a luscious shiver of desire quaked through me. “I need to fuck,” I whispered. “Interested?”He smiled slowly at me and his cock jerked anxiously beneath my palm. “I’m not only interested, Honey. I’m ready,” he replied. His right hand covered mine, giving my fingers a little squeeze around his rapidly hardening manhood.

“Let’s go,” I said. “My room is on the tenth floor.”

He followed me out of the ballroom and into the elevator. Once the doors closed, he pulled me into his arms. My big tits pressed into his muscled chest and I could feel his stiff cock against my belly as he grabbed my buttocks in his big hands.

He pulled my gown up around my waist and masturbated my clit. I was all set to explode when the elevator doors slid open and he pulled me into the hallway.

When we reached my room, I stripped out of the silk robe and gown and was just about to kick off my black stiletto heels when he asked me not to. “I want to fuck you with those on,” he said tugging me toward the bed.

He quickly disrobed and with one look at his well-muscled body, I knew I was in for a good time. My eyes fell on his enormous cock. It was long and thick, and had a beautiful head. Immediately, I wanted to wrap my lips around it and feel it inside my mouth. I reached out one hand and traced a red nail along its smooth length.

He rolled on a rubber, lifted my hips, then lunged inside me. It was exquisite. The entry was deep, penetrating me just the way I wanted. Then he began to move, slowly at first, then he quickened the pace, driving deeper and deeper until I thought I couldn’t stand it any longer.

The bed squeaked as he slammed my ass against the mattress. My legs were wrapped about his shoulders, and my black stiletto heels were bouncing about his head. Then I felt the onset of orgasm and began to buck my hips wildly, urging him to lunge into me deeper. I wanted to explode with climax.

He increased his thrusts, raising my bare ass up higher in the air and pumping into me hard. Then I felt the explosion I had needed, making me scream out and clutch my big lover’s gyrating hips. I could tell then he was about to come too. He clutched my ass real tight and almost drove me through the mattress. “Honey, you are one good piece of ass,” he said as he let loose.

We clung together, his muscled chest pressed against my breasts. I could feel his heart beating in rhythm with mine. I realized we both still wore our masks. While the fuck had been extraordinary, I thought it was time we reveal our identities. I bounded up on my knees, ready to expose my face when I saw he was getting another erection.

Smiling seductively, I reached my right hand to his rapidly inflating flesh. In a low, husky voice I murmured. “Trick or treat?”

~Elizabeth R.
Chicago, IL