Tragedy Breeds Creativity For Mysta J The Titan

When an artisan truly loves his craft even tragedy can become an inspiration. Such is the case with Mysta J The Titan, who’s promising career in Hip Hop was derailed in 2005 by a serious car accident. Not being able to perform live for a number of years tapped a reserve of creativity – resulting in over 100 new songs recorded. His perseverance paid off – and he roared back onto the scene with a strong new release titled After the Sabbatical.

Originally from Chicago,IL. MJT has a well deserved reputation for a smooth delivery and witty lyrics – evident on songs like Boomin’ and Voluptuous. Drawing influence from such Hip Hop legends as Jay-Z, LL Cool J and 2 Pac, MJT has been writing and recording since age 11 and the years of experience packed into his young career are on full display on cuts such as I’m Good and Exciting. Want to sample some tracks? Swing by his Reverbnation page here. And, as usual, Scandalouswomen has your hookup below with a free track – Go Head –  a melodic and inspirational jam admonishing people to rise above the superficial to get ahead in life. Good stuff here.

Download here.

Listen below:


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