Toosum = Tasty AND Healthy!

Everyone wants healthy snacks, even the junk food junkies among us. The only problem is “healthy” usually means “bleh” when it comes to taste. It seems that whatever process is undertaken to make food healthier, to remove the additives and preservatives, the calories, the processes sugars, also removes the taste. That’s always been true – until now.  Toosum Healthy Foods has healthy and low calorie, gluten-free oat bars that actually taste great! I had a few samples and felt like I was treating myself.  Made with nutrient-dense certified gluten-free rolled oats, chia seeds, and other scrumptious natural ingredients, you’ll be surprised eating healthy can taste so good! 

Let’s run down the features: 100-calorie, gluten-free oat bar. No refined sugar. No preservatives. No GMOs. And they come in some delicious flavors, like blueberry & Greek yogurt, cherry & plum, cranberry & acai, and coconut & banana. These are perfect for people trying to lose a few pounds, those who need a quick energy boost and those who are just want a healthy snack alternative.

We munched on these all week at the Scandalous! office and once you try them, you will, too. Available at the company’s website, Costco and Amazon.

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