Too Sexy! Five Banned Superbowl Ads!

Check out some of the most controversial and oh so sexy banned Superbowl ads! These spots would have become classics, adding some spark to the big game,  had the network prudes let them air. Courtesy of the Daily Beast.

Ashley Madison: Porn Star Savanna Samson (2011) most know their ads will be turned down by now. They do it for the publicity. Their second ad banned from the Super Bowl features adult film star Savannah Samson who has just discovered her husband is cheating.  The reponse? Join the club!  “Isn’t it time for”

GoDaddy: Lola the Lingerie Designer (2010)

Web hosting company GoDaddy boasts a years-long history of banned Super Bowl ads- usually thanks to its insistence on featuring soft-core porn and sex jokes in its campaigns. In a seeming attempt to “tone it down” this year, the company produced this commercial featuring “Lola,” a fictional retired football player-turned-flamboyant lingerie designer. It’s a bit unclear just what about this ad so offended CBS execs (have they seen Project Runway?), but you won’t be seeing it Sunday evening.

ManCrunch: Football Make-Out Session (2010)

The gay dating site ManCruch’s ad is groundbreaking in at least two ways: One, in its positive and non-stereotypical portrayal of gay sexuality; and two, in the revolutionary notion that Packers fans and Vikings fans might someday get along well enough to sit on the same couch—let alone make out with one another. Unfortunately, CBS felt the ad’s vision was too radical for mainstream viewers, and the ad was spiked.

Budweiser: Skinny Dipping (2007)

A man and a woman decide to go skinny dipping in what appears to be a deserted pool. Have you seen an advertisement before? Yes? Than you may have some sense of how this one will end: Not well. Or, not well for the poor skinny-dippers. And, ultimately, not well for Budweiser, who saw this spot banned in 2007.

Ashley Madison: Date (2009)

Ashley Madison asked you to imagine a really bad blind date – that lasted the rest of your life! NBC, who obviously can’t imagine that, blocked the ad in 2009.

For more banned Superbowl ads, visit The Daily Beast.

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