Tiffany Grace: Smart and Sexy Grinds

Because she hails from Seattle, one might assume singer Tiffany Grace arrived in the music biz via an obvious route – taking advantage of her town’s well deserved title of the grunge capital of the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Defying expectations, Grace took her music cues from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and (we believe) Teena Marie in crafting an edgy R&B sound that’s been missing from radio for far too long. No disrespect to today’s Pop/R&B divas but Tiffany Grace’s debut album Naked Singularity marks a welcome return of blues-tinged R&B.

Touching on themes ranging from female sexuality to domestic violence, this brazen collection oozes both social commentary and sweaty bump and grind sensibilities. Consider the lead off single and video, Sleeping With The Enemy. This steamy number explores the plight of the ‘other woman’ as she balances the illicit deliciousness of an affair with the loneliness of knowing he isn’t truly hers. Fake Straight is a musical come hither with Grace as a sexy seductress tempting (her? him? both?) for one more freakish romp before they say their vows. In I Want You Both, the singer laments wanting two men and plots how she can eat her cake and have it, too.

The album has ten other tracks that walk the line between social issue awareness and claws-out sex kitten aggressiveness. Pay special attention to Unbroken Soul, a piece that could be an anthem to every woman who’s found the strength and couragge to leave an abusive relationship.

You sure thought that you had broken me down
And You may have been right
I was nearly 6 feet under ground
But the first time that you raised your hand to me
Was the last time you watched me walk out baby
And I never been so damn broken
But I aint never been so proud not to stay
And if my soul aint been stolen
Its cuz I had the strength to say…

If you’re looking for a fresh sounding alternative to the formulaic dance/R&B offerings today or a welcome reminder of the sassy rhythm and blues of decades past, you should really check out Tiffany Grace’s debut album Naked Singularity. In a word: Provocative.

Scandalouswomen has your preview and download hookup below.

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  1. These are some awesome songs. And you’re right, of course. It does bring to mind the old school R&B I listen to on one of my fav radio stations. Tiffany does kind of look like Teena Marie.