Getting a guy to take his clothes off is easy. Talking him into doing it in front of your video camera is another thing entirely. But wouldn’t it be hot if you could film hot naked guys, enjoy a few ‘fringe benefits’ and get paid for it?  That’s Tiffany Bowman’s job as host and camerawomen for Guys Gone Wild, the all-male version of Girls Gone Wild.  She and her crew prowl the night clubs and beaches of America’s party towns and spring break hot  spots, looking for willing ripped guys to take it all off  for her eager online audience.

In a recent scandalous sinterview, Ms. Bowman was quite revealing about her gig as Guys Gone Wild host.

SCANDALOUS: You seem quite comfortable approaching college guys and eventually having them strip down.  Are you in college yourself and are you familiar with the party scene that often accompanies Spring Break?

Tiffany: I was a sorority girl Cal State Northridge so yeah, pretty much comfortable with the party scene. CSUN is sort of a party school.

SCANDALOUS: What was your major?

Tiffany: Psychology.

SCANDALOUS: Oh, so you use psychological means to get guys out of the clothes! I’m feeling it!  Is Guys Gone Wild you main job or do you also have a ‘day job?’

Tiffany: Hosting for Guys Gone Wild is just a side gig, they call me up whenever they have new events to film at. I do club promotions mainly.


SCANDALOUS:  How did you land your Guys Gone Wild gig?

Tiffany: Believe it or not—found the ad on craigslist. After a phone interview they said they liked my voice and so I went in for a screen test. From there they said I’d be the main “camera woman”.

SCANDALOUS: Screen test? You’re not often in front of the camera yourself, we just hear your voice coaxing the young guys along.  It’s actually pretty anonymous for you. Does your family approve of your job? If you have a significant other, does he/she?

Tifffany: I never mentioned it to my parents because I didn’t think they’d find out or care, so why bring it up? I had one boyfriend who was uncomfortable about it but my current guy doesn’t mind.

SCANDALOUS:  Give the rest of us a lesson.  How do you normally approach guys to get them to take their clothes off on video? Are they often more than willing or is there some arm twisting that goes with it?

Tiffany: I’m always with a crew and once the men see the cameras they get curious and start asking questions. We tell them what we do and yeah I do a little teasing to get the more reluctant ones on board.

SCANDALOUS: After being around so many, have you become desensitized to nude guys now? Does it take more than a ripped body and hard dick to get you interested now?

Tiffany: In my mind there’s a difference between work and play. I have very specific tastes when it comes to men, so seeing lots of naked college guys showing their body and cock doesn’t make me desensitized. I’m more attracted to men older than me anyway.

SCANDALOUS: So you knew this question was coming. Our readers are going to want to know this – and staff members here have already asked: Do you sleep with or have you slept with any of the guys from your videos?

Tiffany: It’s happened a couple of times. We’re on a bus with a bed or in a hotel room, they’re already hard and naked and drunk, so I thought why not?

SCANDALOUS: Do you feel your job is empowering? Is ‘Guys Gone Wild’ empowering to women? Does it put us on the same level playing field with guys?

Tiffany: I’d say yeah, it is empowering to me because I’m basically telling them what to do and in control the entire time. Of course, there’s even more hardcore porn companies out there filming complete femdom scenes with whips and ties. Is it empowering to women and does it put us on the same level playing field with guys in general? Sure to a certain extent, but not as much as the work other women are doing in porn and in other industries like science. Just google Lorelei Lee or Princess Donna or hell even Marissa Mayer and you’ll see what I mean. Telling a guy what to do gives you power, but being in control of your own body, your own sexuality, is more along the lines of empowering.

SCANDALOUS:  What do you feel are the gender-politics of Guys Gone Wild? Do you feel there is or could be a social impact for women who embrace the objectification of men?

Tiffany: Guys Gone Wild is too playful have gender-politics, but there are some dynamics going on…I’m not entirely sure what the social impact would be from women objectifying men. It certainly puts us on par when they objectify us. But it’s not 100% equal. For instance, I never make or ask two guys to do anything like kiss or touch each other. The press have already pointed that out as a main difference between Guys Gone Wild and Girls Gone Wild videos. So there is still some gender difference there.

SCANDALOUS: Can you describe the typical night on your job? The process of choosing the guys, approaching them, getting them to agree and the eventual filming?

ggw2Tiffany: We pretty much just go to events in and around college towns or set up agreements with bars to be there. The guys I look for have that boyish but all-American look of naivete. They’ve usually just turned 21. From there we ask them if they want to do an interview on camera, answer a few questions with me and if they agree we go back to the tour bus or room. Of course we don’t show you the clips of guys not agreeing, so what gets filmed are the scenes of guys who have agreed to get naked and play with themselves on tape.

SCANDALOUS: Tiffany – any chance we can get your last name and a pic?

Tiffany: No, I’d like to stay as just the voice behind Guys Gone Wild, not the face or name of it. It’s more fun and mysterious that way.

SCANDALOUS: Thank you so much for your time.

Tiffany: You’re very welcome!

Visit Guys Gone Wild and listen to Tiffany in action.

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With political activists as parents, Stephanie learned gender politics at an early age and embraced stiletto feminism in high school. As a marketing professional, she’s written for a variety of publications. She founded to be a voice for the sex-positive alpha female.


  1. i can’t believe women actually pay to see men’s penises. i mean i guess its pretty genius. but i think boobs are much prettier than a guy’s junk.

    interesting interview, though. i’ll give you props for that one. 🙂 good job.


    • Nina, yeah, that site gets buzzed by a lot women but the female interest in it obviously has more intricate layers than the male interest of the “Girls Gone Wild” site.

      Guys think it’s hot to see girls getting naked and wild. Period. We, on the other hand, find the role reversal in “Guys Gone Wild” psychologically appealing. It’s a little empowering, too.