Three's Company

Believe it or not, a lot of women watch porn. I’ve been watching it since college when a group of us in the sorority house would play drinking games to it. Shots for every fake orgasm can get you quite drunk real fast!  I’ ve acted out many scenarios from my favorite movies but there was one thing I’ve always wanted to try but had never gotten the opportunity to experience, and that was double penetration. When I started dating Wade, I thought that maybe this would be my chance. He was my first boyfriend who was more sexually experienced than I was, and even more importantly, he was always up for an adventure. By the time I brought up this fantasy, we’d already had many sexual adventures together.

One night, when I was on top of him with his cock deep inside me, I asked him to play with my asshole. At first, he just traced the rim, but when I urged him on, he pushed against it while he fucked me. Soon he had his pinkie finger inside my ass while his cock pulsed inside my pussy, and I came as intensely as I ever had.

I fantasized about the idea of having a cock in my ass and another in my pussy from that point on, but I wasn’t sure whether to bring it up with Wade. Having one of his fingers combined with his dick was a whole different ball game than another man’s cock. And besides. Wade has a jealous streak and can be a little insecure but he is totally devoted to me and would do anything to make me happy. So the situation presented itself quite handily when Wade’s friend Michael paid us an unexpected visit. He travels all around the world for his job, and he s often gone for months at a time. We never know when to expect him back home, but he always has great stories, plus he’s really hot. When he showed up outside our door on this occasion, he was deeply tanned, with the beginnings of a beard. He looked strong and rugged and, despite myself, I got wet as he gave me a long, slow smile and whistled at my outfit a butt baring denim miniskirt and a tight purple tank top without a bra. I smiled and welcomed him inside.

[adrotate group=”9″]Wade had gone out to the grocery store, so we were alone, and I couldn’t deny that I was attracted to Michael. My erect nipples pressed against my tank top, and when I turned and reached up to get him a glass for a drink, I wondered if he was checking out my ass. I hoped so, and I suddenly had a feeling it was finally time to confess to Wade the idea that had been floating through my mind for weeks. When I handed Michael the cold glass, I made sure to accidentally brush my breast against his arm. He didn’t recoil, but simply smiled at me, and I stood closer than necessary as I watched him drink.

“Thanks, Kim,” he said, giving me an appraising look that I could swear meant he was mentally undressing me with his eyes. He drained the glass, then turned toward me. I could see his erection, and I had a feeling he’d noticed me looking at it. Before we could do anything inappropriate, Wade walked in the door, laden down with snacks and drinks.

“Welcome back!” he said, putting everything down and giving his friend a hug. I put away the groceries while the two of them caught up. As I went about my task, my mind conjured increasingly naughty fantasies. By the time I was done and went to cuddle next to Wade on the couch, my cheeks were bright red. When Michael got up to use the rest room, I turned toward Wade and kissed him lustily. He started to kiss me back but then pulled away. “What about Michael?” he asked.

I straddled him and felt his hard-on beneath me.  I leaned close and whispered in my boyfriend’s ear. What if we invited Michael to join us in bed? He could have my ass and you could have my pussy, or the other way around. “I think it’d be so hot to have two cocks in me at once,” I whispered.  “And I bet he d be up for it.”

Wade’s whole demeanor changed, and he looked at me with awe. “Kim! I never knew you wanted to try a DP. But I do know you love to have your ass filled. Sure, let s see what he says.”

We must have had suspicious looks on our faces, because Michael looked at us quizzically and asked, “What s up?”

Wade pushed me toward his friend. “Kim wants to ask you something,”  he said. Michael’s gaze darted back and forth between us and finally focused on me. I walked right up to him, so close that our hips were touching, then slid my hand up his shirt until I found his nipple.

“I want to ask you . . . ” I said as I lightly touched his nub, ” if you d do us the honor of joining us in bed. I’ve never had two men at once, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have deflower me.” I was nervous about what he d say, and instead of looking up at Michael ‘s face, I lifted his soft t shirt and sucked on his tiny nipple. It hardened against my tongue, and he moaned, placing his hand on my back.

Yes, yes, yes, he finally said once I’d lavished his nipple with as much attention as any of us could stand. Not wanting to waste another second, we walked upstairs to our bedroom as if this were the most natural thing in the world.

“Come here, baby,” Wade said, and then he immediately pulled off my skirt and panties and got on his knees to lick my pussy. Once he decided to let his friend join us, he had no qualms about jumping right in himself to really enjoy the action. Michael began kissing the back of my neck, then massaging my shoulders. I moved so I was sitting on the bed, my legs spread wide while Wade feasted on my pussy and Michael continued his powerful backrub. Then I turned around so my boyfriend could eat me from behind and I could suck his friend’s cock. With the combination of Michael’s large, hard dick in my mouth and Wade s expert pussy eating, I was well on my way to my first orgasm.

“Your girlfriend is a wonderful cocksucker,” Michael said to Wade, and being praised for my sexual skills turned me on even more. I sucked him deeper and harder until I had him swallowed to the hilt, and when Wade added fingers to his tongue’s movements, I bucked against him as I came fiercely. Michael then shot his load right into my mouth, and I shuddered with delight.

Then it was time for the real fun to begin. Wade got out a bottle of lube and handed it to Michael before lying down on his back on the bed. His cock was rock hard, and I climbed on top of him. “You first,” Michael said magnanimously, and I slithered down onto Wade s pole, smiling at my boyfriend. He pulled me close and even spread my asscheeks open so his friend could smear lube onto my back hole.

“You’re so hot,” Wade whispered in my ear, and I spasmed around his dick. In moments, Michael was placing his cockhead at my backdoor. I moaned, so glad that I wasn’t just getting to fuck two men, but two men so intent on my pleasure. Michael plunged his cock between my cheeks, and Wade let go of them so he could tease my nipples. Soon I was pressed between them, the meat of this man sandwich, and filled in the most amazing way.

I’d been fucked in the ass before, but having two big, powerful cocks sharing space inside me was the most amazing thing I’d ever experienced. “You’re so tight,” Michael murmured as he sawed in and out of me. I couldn’t really move that much, though Wade shifted his hands to my hips and lightly rocked me, but it didn’t matter. I came easily with both cocks stuffing my holes, then kissed my boyfriend again as his friend worked up a rhythm. They were as overcome with excitement as I was, and soon Michael was spurting another load into my ass while Wade delivered a powerful jet of cream to my cunt. Michael eased out of me, and when I pulled apart from Wade, I realized I was literally full of cum, which was dripping out of both holes. I smiled at each man, then kissed them in turn.

We invited Michael to stay the night, but he opted to head for his apartment and get a good night’s sleep. Wade and I, on the other hand, hardly slept at all because we were so aroused by the memory of what we’d just done. We were also busy plotting the many other erotic adventures we hope to have in the near future. From now on, it’s anything goes!

~Kimberly T.
Miami, FL