The Werewolf of Haunted Manor

I was outvoted again. Every year my friends and I go out for Halloween and we take a poll as to what we want to do, although it is hardly a vote because everyone but me is in agreement and every year it is the same single suggestion. Someone will say let’s go to a haunted house and everyone acts like it’s the best idea ever, even though it’s what we always wind up doing. My friends are creatures of habit. It makes me dread October thirty-first. Don’t get me wrong I love Halloween. I love Halloween parties and Halloween candy, but I hate haunted houses. You pay too much money to get herded around a dark hallway, get pushed by the frightened people behind you, stumble over the ones in front of you, with some big burly guy jumping out from behind things with a chainsaw. The first two or three times it was scary, but after several years of being dragged to these places, the thrill was gone.

This year I had to work late so I wouldn’t be carpooling with the rest of the gang. I was going to meet them at the entrance at eleven o’clock and we would all go together. I arrived about quarter to eleven, bought my ticket and proceeded to wait for my friends. Time crept by and when I looked at my watch I realized it was ten past eleven. I paced, looking around the parking lot, but still no friends. I was getting worried that I might have gone to the wrong place, but that wasn’t possible because the printed email I had in my purse told me to meet the group at the Haunted Manor and that was where I was according to the sign above the entrance. When I looked at my watch again, it was eleven thirty and I was tired of waiting. I figured I had two options, I could say, “Screw it” and leave or I could go on in and not waste my admission price. Ahh, what the hell, I thought to myself as I handed my ticket to the guy in the booth. The Haunted Manor was taking its patrons in groups of about ten and one guide. Our guide was a short guy with a monotone voice that could lull a person to sleep better than keep them up to be scared by monsters, but after a few ground rules about the tour, such as no pushing or shoving in line and don’t heckle the actors, we were on our way.

Predictably, it was dark and creepy. The only illumination was from black lights and chandeliers made to give the impression of actual candles rather than electric lighting. There were of course the ubiquitous fake spiders and various monsters. Our guide would walk us a few feet down the hallway, stop us, and instruct us to watch as some unseen hand pulled back curtains to reveal a blood and guts scene. These were short plays depicting scary situations with various monsters. This place had all of their bases covered from serial killers to vampire scenes; no terrifying scenario was left out as we traversed our way through the darkened hallways.

The group I was with seemed particularly skittish because they were jumping and screaming at everything from the rubber rats to the fake cobwebs dangling at eyelevel from the beams. The only thing that was frightening to me was the high-pitched shrills of the two young women behind me as we made our way past the corpses and various gore scenes.

I was rounding the corner, dodging the cobwebs when our guide instructed us to stop again. The curtains were pulled back to reveal a scene with a werewolf and his buxom, blonde female prey. The scene was like a risqué version from a cheesy fifties wolf man movie, but he was an absolute vision. His costume was well done. It did little to hide his incredible body. The outfit had only the fur covering his chest and some ripped cut offs for pants. A body like his didn’t need embellishments. He was tall and muscular with strong arms, a solid well-built chest, and through the make-up on his face; I could see his piercing blue eyes. They were so brilliant even the dim lights couldn’t hide them. On cue, the blonde, breasts heaving, began to scream and fight off the wolf man’s menacing advances, but sadly to no avail. As the curtain began to close the werewolf went in for the kill, leaving myself and the other patrons to assume the girl was eaten without viewing the carnage.

“He could gobble me up anytime he wanted to,” I spoke out loud thinking I was out of anyone’s earshot, but I was wrong.

“Be careful what you wish for,” a disembodied male voice said from behind the curtain. I could only assume it was the werewolf actor. I was mortified that he had heard me and quickly moved ahead.

I managed to find my group again as they were headed down a corridor when I heard a door open a couple of feet in front of me. Out of nowhere, a guy with chainsaw jumped out and revved the motor, holding it over his head menacingly as the two women behind me screamed in terror, racing towards the exit. Well, my haunted house visit is complete, the ever present chainsaw guy has accosted me, now I can go home feeling fulfilled, I thought sarcastically.

In the wake of chainsaw guy’s antics, the other people in line had gone ahead of me in a frightened exodus, leaving me alone in the dark. Or so I thought. I was headed for the exit when I felt something sharp drag across my neck. It sent chills down my spine, my eyes closing to savor the moment. I could sense the person behind me before he put his arms around me. In the dim light from the fake candles illuminating the passageway with an eerie glow, I could see his hand was covered in a soft brown fur with claws at the end of the fingertips. He ran his paw seductively across my collarbone before whispering in my ear.

“Come with me.”

His voice was commanding, barely more than a growl. It vibrated in my ear and I could feel my knees going weak at his husky tone. It was an impulsive move, to follow a total stranger in a costume into a private corner of the haunted house, but the heat of his touch had flooded my body and I ached for more.

His lips brushed the flesh on my neck, before he began to nibble the skin, walking me backwards through a door into a private employee’s area.

I turned to face him and ran my fingers through the fur on his chest, tracing the outline of his nipples with my fingernails. He moaned and pulled my body against his, the bulge in his pants pressing hard into my thigh, as his mouth met mine. His tongue slowly parted my lips as I inhaled his masculine scent wanting to absorb all of him. His hand ran up my skirt to cup my cheek, he squeezed it as he dug his nails into my flesh.

I let out a soft whimper as I melted into his arms, digging my own nails into his nipples. He cried out, grabbing my thigh and lifting my leg to his waist. We leaned against the wall, his body pressed into mine, and I could feel his male hardness solidly against my clit. I moaned, wanting him so badly that my mouth was watering and I could feel the juices seeping through the lace of my panties.

I moved to unzip his pants, allowing him to spring from the constraints of his costume and for me to grasp his stiffness between my hands. I slid down the wall with my back pressed against it, worshipping the beauty of his maleness before taking it into my mouth. My lips wrapped around him and slowly worked all of his cock, taunting his organ with gentle nibbles and long soft strokes from my tongue. A faint gasp of pleasure escaped his lips as his hands entwined in my hair, moving my head backwards and forwards on his dick. His body started to convulse from an impending orgasm, but I needed to have him between my legs so I released him from my mouth and moved to kiss him hard on the lips. His tongue forced its way into my mouth as he pressed me into the wall, lifting my leg and skirt up to push my panties aside. His finger slid into the wetness of my cunt with little resistance. I wanted him badly enough that the slightest touch of his fingers moving gently inside me sent me over the edge.

His hand tugged at the neckline of my shirt, pulling it down to expose my breast to his hunger. He took my nipple into his mouth and began to suck. His teeth clamped down cruelly, but I was enraptured by his bold roughness. The pain was intense and exquisite at the same and I only wanted more of him.

His cock found its way to my waiting pussy. He penetrated me slowly and deliberately; I could feel his rigid organ slide inside, every place it touched sending waves of pleasure through me. We moved our hips frantically against each other until we found a single erotic rhythm. He pushed deeper into me and I spread my legs further wanting to take all he had to give. His fur-covered hands caressed my buttocks while he raked his claws across my tender flesh causing a tingling sensation to reverberate throughout my body. I cried out sinking my own nails into his back. I could feel his member pulse inside of me as I clenched his shaft with my pussy walls. The harder he thrust, the harder I gripped his manhood and pushed back. We were rabid beasts matching each other blow for carnal blow and neither of us showing the other mercy.

His moans vibrated in my ear, his body shuddering, as he came inside of me, burst after burst of his milky juice coating the cleft between my legs as my own nectar enveloped his organ. We slumped into each other’s arms and shared a long kiss. The two of us took a moment to compose ourselves before heading back out into the public area of the Haunted Manor. He hurriedly went back to his stage to prepare to devour the blonde for the next group of patrons and I found my way to the exit.

As I was leaving, I saw my friends in the parking lot. They had apparently had a flat tire. I explained how I had waited for them after buying a ticket and that after giving up on them I went on without them. They were all wracked with guilt that I had to suffer through the experience of the Haunted Manor alone because they knew how much I hated going to these overpriced gore fests. I told them it was alright because this year I had gained a new appreciation for the whole haunted house concept and vowed to return very soon.

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