The Ultimate Mash up: Music and Pleasure Mix for Ohmibod!

Sex toys are trendy these days. No longer relegated to the back of our lingerie drawers, vibrators are fashionable thanks to a new openness in our society and lots Hollywood exposure. Featured prominently on Sex and the City and endorsed by sexy celebrities like Halle Berry, Lindsey Lohan, Eva Longoria and Terri Hatcher, pleasure-giving gizmos are quickly becoming as much a part of a woman’s boudoir as candles, perfume, and lipstick. So we at scandalouswomen were drooling at the chance to wrap ourselves around the new Freestyle, Ohmibod’s wireless vibrator that pulses in time with music from an IPod. From the exquisite padded carrying case to the universal charging adapters, we knew when we opened the box we had the ultimate iPod accessory.

I was the lucky bitch who took it home with me (actually luck had nothing to do with it – I’m the boss!) and I immediately found a safe and secure place to charge the sleek shaft’s rechargeable battery. I spent the next couple of hours downing a few margaritas and contemplating what songs on my iPod I wanted to test the Ohmibod Freestyle with. Once the unit (hee hee, I said ‘unit’) was ready, I hooked up!
The Benefits of Orgasms

Taking steps to achieve orgasm is well worth it since the psychological and physical benefits of doing so are numerous.

  • Relieves tension in your nervous system
  • Better sleep
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Burns calories
  • Natural pain management

I Like That Boom Boom Pow

My first song choice was Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Boom Boom Pow.’  As I was hoping, the wireless toy danced to the music, giving me stronger blasts of vibrations with each pounding beat of the song and slow steady ones during less up-tempo parts. I alternately tried other music styles and tempos – from Hip Hop to Rave to Grunge. And ladies, the power of this toy isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s easily one of the more tenacious vibes I’ve tried, and getting off was never in question.  I do like that boom boom pow!

Healthy and Durable

One other thing I’d like to mention about the Freestyle (and all of Ohmibod’s products) is it’s made from phthalate-free materials, and molded using a hypoallergenic non-toxic, non porous ABS plastic. In other words, it’s good for you in more ways than one!

Trivia: The Ohmibod Freestyle was included in the gift bag at this year’s Grammy Awards!

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Originally from Montreal where she covered local night life for an alternative magazine, Lauren is now now based in South Florida where she works in marketing and spends her weekends sampling the area’s night life.