Traveling to Las Vegas is always a good idea. Traveling to Vegas with friends, is an even better one! Vegas has many things to offer, from Dining, Shows, Night Life and Shopping. Plus. Bonus – Every-thing is open 24/7. But, how about the more “sexier side of Vegas” for us ladies? Let tell ya about that! Starting off with the all male review shows. There are more than a few of these shows to choose from. Starting with…

menofsMen of Sapphire – Going on every Friday and Saturday night, inside of Sapphire Gentleman’s Club. The show will begin with a theatrical entrance, the men dance around the stage, following a series of adult themed fantasies to get things sizzling: The marine, the cowboy, the fireman, the construction worker and the bad boys – to name a few. The feature entertainer is three-time Playgirl centerfold and Mr.Universe, Rico Elbaz. But it doesn’t stop here. After the men, pull out all the stops with their sexy dance moves, they come out in to the crowd to mingle, take pics and yes, even giving up close and personal lap dances in the back room.

Thunder From Down Under – Going on, every night of the week inside of the Excalibur Hotel & Casino. These Aussie boys know how to “light that fire” with their chiseled bodies, cheeky-humor and boy next door charm. Not only do they perform nightly in Vegas but they also tour the U.S as well as Internationally. So don’t worry if you miss out of them while in Vegas. You can always catch up with them at some point.

Moving on, from all the eye candy on to more wicked stuff to do. Vegas isn’t only for the ladies but for couples as well, or that “special friend” (What else am I going to call him?) Lol – Granted , you want more adult oriented fun.


Green Door – Open every day of the week, till’ the wee hours of the morning. This very dark, black-lit swingers club offers a variety of themed-rooms, as well as a couples only area.  Each themed-room is decorated uniquely  and realistically as each one as a fantasy all it’s own. Enjoy being a voyeur as you watch other couple in one of the rooms, which offers a theater style setting, complete with theater chairs and a huge window to watch through. Explore, each other or others, are you relax in the Spa room, complete with robes, towels, faux trees and a tiki setting. Role-play in the dungeon room, as you act out your domineering or submissive side. Complete with black leather everything, swings, whips and yes, even a real stock. This place is quite impressive and is sure to satisfy your fantasies.


Red Rooster – Open every day of the week. Red Rooster is dubbed “The longest running swingers club in Vegas”, Red Rooster offers different events every day of the week, live entertainment, and a dance floor. Is BOYB – Meaning. Yes, you can bring your own alcoholic beverages. Also, offering themed-rooms, explore your deepest, darkest fantasies with one or a few others.

Your Vegas trip wouldn’t be complete without attending a topless show or five, right? If you’re looking for more of a relaxed, chill date-night, as opposed to the usual  Gentleman’s Clubs. We’ve got you covered.

Sexxy – Going on Tuesday-Saturday,  inside of the Westgate Hotel. Sexxy show is Vegas’ newest topless revue by Jennifer Romas. Watch these sexy ladies move beautifully and tastefully music as they mix amazing choreographed dancing, with singing, provocative gymnastic talents and acrobatic powerness. This sultry and fun show is sure to leave you wanting more.


Fantasy – Going on at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. This sensual show is brings you fifteen steamy dance skits to popular music, which include three gorgeous showgirls cavorting together in one bed, a beautiful cowgirl roping in the audience, a lady cop that reveals her wide side – Just to name a few…Watching the show, you’ll feel like your own personal fantasies are coming to life on-stage as these sexy girls do their thang!

Your Vegas trip wouldn’t be complete without  something unusual. I say “unusual” in a good way! Lol Definitely fun, though!

Puppetry Of The Penis – Founded by Simon Morely and debuted in Melbourne, Australia. The Puppetry Of The Penis show gained so much popularity, that it quickly became a resident of Las Vegas. Prepare to see two very naked men (Simon Morely and David Friend), arrange their penises in to interesting shapes. This show is pure comedy and a good time. Also, allowing SOME audience participation! Going on Monday-Friday nights, inside The Erotic Heritage Museum. Expect a good-time as well as a lot of non-sexual penis jokes, you will have a blast. And, bonus – The show is located, inside of the Erotic Heritage Museum! Explore, explore, explore!