The why and the where of clothing-optional Erotic Vacation resorts

Whether you’re a single girl looking for fun in a non-judgmental setting, a young couple anxious to experiment or an older twosome looking to break from your dull routine, clothing-optional erotic resorts might be your ticket to paradise. All inclusive packages usually include gourmet meals and open bars.  And with plenty of (mostly) hot people playing on beaches, in pools and hooking up for passionate nights, you have plenty of reasons to strip down, avoid those pesky tan lines and walk on the wild side.

Before you buy your tickets for sun, sand and sin, you need to know a few basic rules recognized in luxurious resorts worldwide.

1. For proper hygiene, keep a towel for your ass at all times. No bare asses can sit down at a restaurant or public place.

2. Staring is considered rude – even if you see an ‘OMG he’s so hot’ person. Learn the art of the quick side glance.

3. Cameras and video equipment aren’t usually allowed.

4. Judgement of other peoples bodies isn’t cool. Don’t do it!

5. Always observe the rules of the resort you’re at.

6. Enjoying yourself is required. But how could you not be happy?

Now that you know ‘the rules,’ why should you go to an Erotic Resort?

You work and save for a vacation all year. Why not indulge in the pampering spa services and decadent partying erotic resorts provide?Here are the top 10 reasons why you should go at least once in your life.

1. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone

Many erotic resorts consider themselves clothing-optional, which is comforting if you’re hesitant about stripping down. But that also makes it too easy to chicken out. If you really want to take this step, you need to do it without a net, so forcing yourself to go to a hotel with designated areas with mandatory “au naturel” sunbathing might be the way to go.

2. You can spice things up with your partner

If you thought heading to an erotic resort would be a great place to mingle with some other singles, you’d be surprised to find that many places are geared toward couples. In fact, the Desire Pearl Resort & Spa Riviera Maya in Cancun is an all-inclusive resort that’s strictly reserved for couples only. Included in your stay are some fun activities for you and your significant other: yoga lessons, water polo, naked volleyball, pole-dancing lessons, and sensual aqua fitness. Of course, the nighttime gets even friskier with themed nights like “Bare as you Dare” and “Erotic Circus.”

3. They’re completely and totally private

Although you may be comfortable showing off your body in front of other naturists, you don’t necessarily want prying eyes from the outside. Places like Hidden Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico, take privacy very seriously, which is why they are, in fact, hidden. Located at the edge of a mangrove jungle and surrounded by high walls, you can indulge in activities like body painting, cowgirl night and other sinful debauchery (insert your darkest fantasy) in total privacy.

4. They have amazing spa services

Naturists are all about body acceptance and relaxation, so at their luxury resorts, you can expect some pretty high-end spas. At the Living Waters Spa in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., for example, you can indulge in mineral springs that leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. With clothing optional, you can enjoy a variety of top-notch massage services or simply lay poolside concealed by frosted glass in sunny Palm Springs.

5. They’re great for mingling

A lot of properties ensure that there are plenty of day and evening activities for you and other guests. At places like Caliente Caribe & Resorts in the Dominican Republic, there are so many activities, such as Spanish lessons, water aerobics, volleyball, dinner theme nights, and a nightclub, that you might forget to put clothing back on. This all-inclusive, clothing-optional resort is known for its exquisite dining, white sand beaches, and luxury oceanfront rooms. Be sure not to miss the “FAO Pirate Invasion Party,” for which you’re encouraged to “get naked and party!”

6. You can be a party day and night

Whether you’re all about relaxing or partying, there is a resort for you. You’ll have to do a little research to be sure you’re getting the environment you want, but there are plenty of places to party your ass off. Set on a lake, Caliente Club in Land O’Lakes, Fla., is a private, clothing-optional resort and is more about partying than relaxing. Like its sister property in the Dominican Republic, you get access to several pools, restaurants, a spa, and a nightclub, as well as daily activities like yoga, karaoke, and happy hours.

So which resorts should you consider? Check out our Scandalous! list!

1. Temptation Resort and Spa, Cancun

Erotic Vacation Temptation ResortThe 384-room Temptation Resort Spa in Cancun has revolutionized the erotic vacation. It welcomes adults-only 21+, to experience a contemporary take on the all-inclusive holiday. A hip, sensual vibe is the hallmark of this beachfront, topless-optional resort where the enticing atmosphere is both invigorating and relaxing. Play and tan on the pristine, white sandy beach of the Caribbean or socialize at one of their three spectacular swimming pools, each with a different theme or concept: relaxation, sports and sensual entertainment. Exquisitely decorated suites feature private terraces or balconies plus exclusive amenities. Foodies will enjoy  five dining options and five bars. Temptation’s cast members take charge each day with sensual and adventurous activities. Temptation Resort Spa is the perfect place to enjoy unlimited options for the most incredible Cancun vacation.

Temptation Resort & Spa Cancun

2. Desire Resort and Spa – Riviera, Maya

All-inclusive erotic adult destination for “upscale vacationers with a wild side and couples looking to explore their sexuality.” Desire Resort and Spa is a unique couples only resort located along the Mexican Riviera. It’s surrounded by amazing tropical landscapes and a sensual atmosphere that will unleash your imagination and libido. A place to feel free and allow fantasies to become reality, a place to abandon your inhibitions and truly let loose. This adults only resort features and all inclusive program of extraordinary amenities. Let the clothing-optional concept seduce you while you socialize with other couples who the the same passions you do.

Desire Resorts Corp.

3. Hedonism II, Jamaica

To borrow a phrase – what happens at Hedonism stays at Hedonism – and sooo much happens. Traveling for vacation, spring break or just because, if you have to be a ‘good girl’ most of the time, explore you inner freak at Hedonism! For more than 30 years, Hedonism clothing optional resorts have enjoyed a reputation for shattering inhibitions and provoking the kind of behavior people don’t talk about in polite circles.

It’s know to ‘people in the know’ as the place for white women to experience taboo interracial trysts. It’s what happens when you combine warm water, a white-sand beach, open bars, and open minds. Our lifestyle resort is about as far as you can get from your everyday life. And best of all, just about everything you can eat, drink, and do is included. The primal urge to just let go, unwind, and unplug. Hedonism II on world-famous Negril Beach of Negril, Jamaica was created as a reward for all those times you’ve had to deny your basic instincts.

4. Bliss Cruise

Not actually a resort, Bliss Cruise is a floating hotel of pure sexuality and is the perfect erotic vacation escape for single women or couples who want to walk on the wild side. From the moment the ship leaves port, you are presented with a diverse buffet of adults only beverages, entertainment and fun designed to inspire naughtiness.

From theme nights to parties, the goal of the staff of Bliss Cruise is to provide you with everything you could possibly ask for.  You’ll visit ports along the way to explore with your new sexy friends like traditional cruises,  but nights are so much more blissful, hence the name of the cruise.


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