The Rise Of The Alpha Female

It seems everyday a new subsection of society gets its own classification. However one that is perhaps going to prove longer lasting and have a greater influence on the western world is that of the Alpha Female. Unlike other classifications that require their own parade down 5th avenue in New York this subsection may well end up selecting which group gets to march.


Since ancient times women have had to rely on their grey matter to survive and make their way in the world. For thousands of years control whet to the physically strongest and the rest were left with the scraps off the table. This did not put women in a strong position as they were often trophies or prizes if they were lucky and servants or slaves at the other end of the spectrum. Recent times and the advance of technology in the western world has opened up access to power and wealth to women on a scale never seen before.

The alpha female may be a term borrowed from their male counter parts but unlike men the alpha female is not based on strength or bully power. From the horrors of war in the twentieth century the display of outward strength has almost become a taboo. The vast expansion of capitalism at the same time has lead to a transfer for power from the strong to the rich. And for the first time ever the path to wealth is open to women as it is now based on cunning and skill rather than on shear force of power.

The centuries of using the cunning and wile to achieve little more than basic survival has conditioned women to react better and with greater speed to the opportunities the twenty first century has to offer.


Newton’s third law states that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, this holds true with the advent of the alpha female. The power of the alpha male is often linked to a perceived sexual prowess with the opposite sex and attractiveness. Therefore it should stand to reason that these qualities should be seen in the new bread of women. In the past every successful man had to have multiple lovers and a happy and content wife at home for public view. Does this mean that the new alpha female will follow with this custom?

While current surveys report that more women are stepping outside of the traditional marital role of being the long suffering and faithful wife, it must stand to reason that women have been doing this forever. What is new is the confident and almost selfish way these new women are acquiring lovers much like the twentieth century male did.


A twenty century business man would often come home after a few drinks with his buddies and a trip to the massage parlor where he would pay for attention of a selection of beauties. Can a twenty first century business woman be found experiencing sometime similar? Are Gamma males now more common and are the women taking over the role of the breadwinner and the sexual power in the relationship?

There are no clear answers to any of these questions as a certain stigma still exists about women who express a dominant role in a relationship but even in today’s media the success of shows such as desperate Housewives and the world looking to the Hollywood starlets rather than the host of forgettable male stars for their headlines. Has the trauma of the twentieth century resulted in a shift in the male female roles?


The sight of the married man in a hotel bar slipping off his ring is more and more being replaced by the married woman who interestingly feels no need to hide her ring, flirting and engaging with men. Could this be positive or negative to society in general? As far as the shift has occurred it will mean that the next generation will continue this trend and develop it in different directions. The Price that has to be paid is the unfamiliarity that the sexes have with their new roles and the lack of guidance from role models.

The typical alpha male would have many women be he married or not and any attempt to curb this would have in some way have reduced his alpha status. Does the same exist for the alpha female? Should she be free to explore her sexual desires while maintaining a stable relationship with a faithful male? If the shift is moving in that direction then almost all other tradition sexual roles must also be changing. The typical male fantasy of two bisexual women in bed is being replaced by an explosion of one woman in bed with two males and perhaps the development of a sub culture of women who desire bisexual men.

While this new woman may still be uncommon she is more noticeable and starting to develop her own style and modus operandi. The desire for companionship is familiar to both sexes and despite the protests of some will never die. But how the power and more importantly the sexual power in this relationship will be balanced is still unclear.


We will know when this process has reached the main stream when an alpha female equivalent of Hugh Hefner reaches his level of notoriety and has a success based on his lifestyle. The pop tarts of the media are proving to be short lived. Is the world ready for the likes of Stephanie Vega, founder of the popular website to become a larger than life celebrity celebrated for a lifestyle in the same manner Mr. Hefner was and still is?


Marriage has and it seems always will be a mainstay of western culture. Statistic after statistic shows that married people fair better and live longer than their single counterparts. For this and a host of other reasons it is here to stay, however while the face of marriage is still the same the background may be shifting in some subtle yet startling ways. For those who claim that women have finally arrived in the male boardroom or locker-room are sadly misguided. The highly publicized female chairwomen and politicians are merely the poster girls for a path still to be blazed. But marriage is producing some different and interesting results.

The historic role of women in a typical marriage has been in a supportive role to the main bead winner of the family and to raise the children, this main role does not seem to have changed. What has changed is the attitude of women to their own sexuality. Without delving into the “Oprah Winfreyness” of it, women are letting their own sexuality grow rather than subvert it.


Single women have the unique ability to know whether they will get laid on a date or not. Men are and have always had to take second seat to the women on the decision on the go ahead for bedroom activities. The change that is taking place is the unwillingness of married women to abandon this rare privilege. Traditionally women once married remain faithful and ignore or suffer with their husbands occasional infidelities. A good question is why should a woman dump her single benefits and if so what do they get in return?

This tend did not take hold in the wild sixties but is certainly a result of it sexual excesses. The male form has only truly become and object of female societal lust since the 1980’s.


The long fretted about pre-nuptial bachelor and bachelorette parties have now almost swapped their traditional outcomes. The bachelor party of several hookers and alcohol fueled weekends of excess and debauchery are now more often quiet golf weekends with the ritual trip to a strip club where no touching is allowed but the drinks cost more than the wedding will cost. This event will be subject to much vetting by the bride to be and strict conditions are enforced as to how much fun is allowed. Perhaps ignorance about bachelorette parties means the same restrictions are not even requested but, depending on the ladies involved, the end results would rival the times of ancient Rome.


The shift of most employment into service sector intensive jobs has had an interesting affect on the sexes. Men have put on weight and no longer exercise while women have grown to depend on the gym as part of their return to the workforce. This has lead to an unfit male population and a young looking and fit female population. This shift along with women with their own money in their pocket has given them more freedom than ever before.


The media has lent a certain bias to the coverage of male versus female infidelity. Male infidelity is seen as dirty and cheap while women’s transgressions are viewed with humor and as harmless fun. The reason for this particular development is unclear except that most media outlets are controlled by women or homosexual men, maybe that is a sexist statement but no other reason is obvious for this particular aspect of the topic.

To sum up women seem to have no good reason to give up their single life style, they have the finances to pursue this lifestyle independent from their husbands, their premartial send off is not more akin to what people expect a male send off to be and the media and society have almost begun to give a candid blessing to limited dalliances. Given all this can it not be expect that the modern married alpha female has appetites that extend back to her single days?