The Perfect Pedicure In The Palm Of Your Hand

Occasionally, a review product comes across my desk at just the right time. Call it fate! I’m an avid runner who doesn’t always pick the right shoes. I also wear stilettos frequently and go barefoot when I can. Needless to say, my feet aren’t always in the best shape. Sometimes they’re a little rough. Oh, hell, who am kidding? I hide my feet from my boyfriends! Pedicures are a monthly expense. Until now. Be Truly Well, obviously sensing my need, has sent me their new PediWell. My newly smooth feet are doing the happy dance!

What’s so awesome about this tool? Sure, ‘feet buffers’ have been around for ages but most are battery operated and their power diminishes quickly – sometimes while you’re using them! The PediWell Electronic Pedicure Foot File plugs into your wall for endless and effortless use. You’ll have the power you need, when you need it when exfoliating your feet. And the design is pretty cool. It looks and like an electric shaver but the moving parts feel remarkably like a pumice stone, the type of stone that’s been used to exfoliate skin for ages.

I remember my grandmother using razors to cut dead skin from her feet. She’d complain about her aching hands and often her feet would get very tender or sore. She would have LOVED this product and you will, too. It makes a great gift! Check out the video below for me information.

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