The One2s Have Their Split Personalities Under Control

Against the grain. That’s a phrase often used when describing someone or something that’s pushing back or rebelling from the norm.  It describes the character of the One2s perfectly, a band making schizophrenic sound into an art-form. Let ten people in a room listen to their music and you’re likely to get ten different answers if you ask them to describe the music style. Is it punk? Is it Brit-pop? Maybe it’s something else? And would those souls even agree they were hearing the same band from song to song? Unlike most groups, the One2s have the unique ability to change instruments and roles on the fly, keeping their fans guessing and newcomers scratching their heads.

Their latest collection, EP2, has five strong tracks of varying styles sure to make any lover of modern rock happy. Blank Stare is an angsty yet melancholy piece punctuated by the haunting vocals of  bassist Leiana. Cryer is an uptempo melodic rocker reminiscent of 90s alt-pop band The Cranberries – but with an edge. Gazed Out is the EP’s synth-ladened instrumental, a spacey piece that fits right in with much of today’s new age sounds.

The strongest song on the collection is, in my opinion, I Can See. Again Leiana’s singing shines, soft and soulful against backing instruments that collectively seem like a Courtney Love tune.  The EP finishes strongly with a great punk song called Pop The Ripper. Be prepared for some serious air guitar-playing and jumping around in front of the mirror for that one! In fact, we have it for you FREE below. You’re welcome. 🙂