The Geek in Him, The Freak In You

I had a boyfriend in college – a real computer geek type – who spent a lot of time with his friends doing computer stuff and watching Star Wars which gave me plenty of time for (ahem!) extracurricular activities.  So a story this morning got my attention.  Apparently Star Wars universe Emperor George Lucas is hooking us up with two new series set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.  One is a cartoon and one is gritty galactic gangster yarn.   Think ‘Sopranos in Space.’

One guy name Frosty, who has cooled to Star Wars in recent years, describe his love affair for Skywalker and company thusly:

The best way I could describe it to you would be to say it felt like a girlfriend that you still loved with your heart and soul, but you no longer wanted to have sex with her, and you’d be cool if she slept around.

Psst!  Guess what?  She already has! 😉

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