The Faculty Staff

If I were a man, I’d be a total leg man.  I love long legs.  The taller a man is, the more attractive I find him.  This one was easily somewhere in the neighborhood of six five.  His hair was a little shaggy, framing a face that sported a well groomed beard.  Steel gray eyes that drooped a little on the outer edges and full lips completed the picture.  I can only imagine that he was something else in his younger years.  I know from his paperwork that he was close to fifty and had just received his doctorate after years of teaching.  As an administrator for the college, I hired him on the spot.

It wasn’t until one evening when I was making rounds of the offices belonging to the teaching staff that I had a chance to speak more personally with the professor.  Knocking on his partially open door, I found him grading papers with a scowl.

“Bad time?”  He looked up as I spoke, letting his furrowed brow fall away as he smiled at me.

“Not at all.  To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I was just checking out some building issues in the area and noticed you were still here.  It seems that the rest of the staff in this building has gone home and left you behind.”

His hair was a bit longer than the last time I had seen him and the lower half of his face was covered with a few days’ worth of stubble.  It gave him a rugged appearance that appealed to me all that much more.  I knew I should excuse myself quickly, but I couldn’t resist the urge to get to know him better.

“Yes.  I am trying to finish up grading on some essays that were turned in today.  They are horrific, I’m afraid.  Whitman . . . “

“Ah, I stop somewhere, waiting.”

“Indeed.  Anyway, what issues are you checking out?”

“Some complaints the staff have made about classrooms and their offices.  I haven’t seen any from you.  There are no concerns in your office?”

“No, not so far.”

“I need more of you . . . more like you, I mean.”  I felt flushed as I looked into his piercing eyes and admired his full lips.

“How much more?”  I thought I had misunderstood the words.  It sounded like an invitation.  Had I revealed my thoughts?  I pondered for a moment.  I could play it off and walk out of here or I could latch on and run with it.  I bit my lip seductively and looked him in the eyes without blinking.

“Surprise me.”

I watched as he pushed everything on his desk to one side and walked around, holding out a hand to help me out of my chair.  Wordlessly, he pushed me across his desk and pushed up my skirt, never taking his eyes off mine.  His hands slipped up the front of my legs as he used his body to push them further apart.

“Naughty girl isn’t wearing any panties at all,” he commented idly as his fingers found the already moist center hidden between my thighs.  I gasped audibly as he pressed his thumb against my clit and slid two of his rough fingers inside of me.   They weren’t the hands of an English teacher, but of a man that often worked with them, perhaps in his yard or a workshop at home.  They felt nothing short of amazing.  I moaned in response, opening my legs further in welcome.  It was if he knew instinctively where to touch me, alternating gentle with rough strokes as I writhed and cooed on the hard surface of the desk.

I was on the verge of orgasm when he pulled free, grabbing my ass underneath and pulling me toward him.  I felt a new surge of my libido as he buried his unshaven face between my legs and lapped at my clit, suckling at it until I could hardly stand it anymore.  I couldn’t hold back, gasping as I came with such force that I was sure I had saturated his entire face.  He took his time taking in every drop of my juices before raising his head to smile at me deviously.

“Thank you, administrator.  That was just the incentive I needed to finish my grading.  Stop by tomorrow evening, if you’d like.  I will be buried in mid-term papers.  I’d rather be buried in you.”

Rising from the desk, I smoothed down my clothing.  I was aware of how weak and wobbly my legs felt and the lingering ache that demanded more, right here, right now.  Still, waiting would just make it all the more delicious.  I nodded silently toward him and stepped into the hallway with a smile.

~Sheldon T.
Athens, GA