The Exploration

I love experiencing new things, so my husband Frank and I planned a camping trip to explore caves in no-man’s land. 1 had never been camping in my life and welcomed the challenge with an open mind. Two weeks before our trip I received a letter in the mail from our guide-to-be. The envelope was filled with pictures and literature on “Secret Cave.” The name intrigued me, and I excitedly shuffled through all the information. Each photo gave assurance that this would be the most memorable vacation yet. I read a short note from our guide, Ben, who was “looking forward to exploring deep, dark, secret places.” I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that, but I couldn’t help becoming a little excited by the possibilities.

Stirred out of my ponderings by a deep, familiar voice, I turned to find Frank standing behind me. “What are you looking at so intently?” he asked.

“Our guide sent us some pictures of the cave we’ll be exploring,” I said, handing him all but one of the photos. “Here, I’m finished with everything if you want to take a look.”

When Frank left, he gave me a mis-chievous grin. The picture I heatedly gripped in my hand was of our guide, Ben. He portrayed such power and meaning that my womanhood beckoned his call. How could I possibly go on this trip with this luscious piece of candy? I wanted to lick the sweetness from his dripping rod. Frank was a great lay, but sometimes tasting a new treat added spice to a relationship. I was definitely ready for a vacation!

In the next two weeks my anticipation grew to extreme sensual heights. The sex was hotter than ever with Frank, and my pussy was waiting and wanting. “Again, again,” I would cry. He had never been so receptive to my womanly demands. His every move made me scream with desire. We never discussed our upcoming trip, though my thoughts and dreams were constantly of Ben. I was completely satisfied with Frank, so reason didn’t apply here – it was pure physical attraction. The unknown was haunting me. I couldn’t get enough of a good thing. Could it get any better?

We arrived at camp with no greeting from our guide. Ben was nowhere in sight. In my front pocket I had his picture. But just as we started to set up camp, I heard a seductive voice say, “Welcome to Secret Cave.” I turned to find Ben staring at me intensely. “Hello, Laura,” he said in a deep masculine voice.

He turned to Frank and welcomed him out of courtesy. I felt like a schoolgirl meeting her idol for the first time.

After a minute of sexual fantasies all I could say was, “Hi Ben.”

“Ben, this is a great spot you picked out, when can we see Secret Cave?” Frank asked.

I wondered if Frank or Ben could sense the sexual tension in the air. Could they see the redness that I felt on my face? My emotions were in an uproar.
Then Ben asked me, “Is this your first time?”

I almost choked on my words as I stuttered, “First time for what?”

“First time exploring a cave,” Ben answered.

“There’s a first time for everything,” Frank said jokingly.

They laughed together and I just held my breath. The sexual undertones were too much for me. I knew harmless male bonding was to be expected, but I didn’t know how much I could stand. We finished setting up camp and discussed tak¬ing a quick look at the cave. Frank decided to stay behind.

Ben handed me a lantern and said, “You’ll need this to light your way, the cave gets dark in no time at all.” He added, “Laura, you might want to put on a sweater, it also gets chilly in there.” I smiled and took his advice, even though I was rather warm at the moment.

We walked about a half-mile to the entrance of the cave. Ben was telling me about a part of it that was considered forbidden territory. He explained that the local tribes believed the cave to be a shrine for the gods. My thoughts were not on tribes, shrines or gods. Ben was the only one fixed in my mind. When we entered the cave I felt the dampness creep inside me. Ben held up his lantern and pointed in the direction we were heading.

“Do you still want to go ahead without Frank, maybe we should wait until tomorrow,” he suggested.

“I’d like to explore a little, Ben, if you’ll come with me.”

His piercing green eyes locked with mine as he stepped dangerously close, barely breathing a response. “Sure, I would love to come with you, Laura.” He emphasized the word ‘come,’ creating a warm pleasing awareness between my legs.

Ben said he would lead the way to a very interesting discovery he had found. I wondered exactly what he had in mind, but eagerly agreed to the expedition. He said, “Keep your eyes on my back and stay close.” Oh, I’ll stay close, but I’ll be watching your ass, not your back. For a broadly built man he moved with such grace and determination. I was mesmerized by his every action. My panties moistened with each step.

We walked deeper into the cave along a hidden path. It was getting darker, so Ben grabbed my free hand and squeezed it softly. His large capable palm molded with mine. “It’s not much further,” he said. I felt safe and warm—actually I was burning with lust. The mystery of the cave and its surroundings added to my desire. He gently stroked the inside of my hand, making it almost impossible for me to walk. I could hardly contain myself. “It’s just up ahead, you’re going to love it,” he whispered provocatively. I’m sure I will.

We turned a tight bend and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Dimly lit before me was the most spectacular sight I had ever seen: A large pool of crystal-clear water encircled by prismatic rocks. It looked like a million tiny candles. “Are we in the forbidden zone?” I asked.

“More like a private sanctuary for lovers,” he responded.

His words made me shudder with new stirring sensations. Our eyes met for a brief encounter of pure animal magnetism. He placed his lantern down as I fumbled mine to the ground. Then he prowled over to me like a predator approaching its prey. My full breasts were reaching out to him and my hard aching nipples were begging for his manly touch.

“I want to explore all of you,” he said. My excitement heightened to frenzy and all inhibitions were lost.

“Explore away,” I growled. We became entwined and our urgent lips met in deep hunger. Our tongues lashed out with uncontrollable passion. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Standing on a rock, I grabbed his tight ass and pressed myself to his bulk. He moaned with such pleasure that I almost lost my balance. He massaged my tits with expertise, taming them easily. “I have to taste them,” he begged as I removed my sweater. He flicked my erect nipples teasingly with the pointed weapon from his warm salivating mouth. I raked my fingers deeply through his dark brown hair then smothered his head between my tits. “Take off your…” Before I could finish my plea his powerful chest was bare. I traced my fingers and curious tongue down his muscle-rippled stomach that led to his concrete core. I could see his strong cock pulsating through his perfectly fitted jeans. My pussy was wetter than the pool of water next to us.

“I want to see all of you,” we said in unison and quickly discarded the rest of our clothes.

We examined every inch of each other with heated admiration. His cock was magnificent! It was a wide, luscious shaft that needed to be manipulated and I wanted to be the manipulator. I felt his approval as he said, “Laura you’re more beautiful than a goddess.” When our naked bodies embraced, I could feel his hardness pounding on my sweetened mass. He tenderly explored the moist folds between my thighs, scouting the region as if it were familiar territory.

“You found a hot-spot,” I purred. Then I moaned and whispered appreciatively, “I’m ready for you, Ben.” His continual motion brought a long awaited climax. I was equipped for more, much more. As I stroked his solid sex rod, I quivered with anticipation. I found my mouth covering his length without hesitation, licking freely over every ridge. My tongue was on fire.

He groaned willingly and said, “I’m ready for you too, Laura.” His hands clutched my ass as he gently lifted me off the rock. I straddled his middle, arching my clit against his stimulated tip.

“I want you so bad,” he gasped. He placed me down on the edge of the pool and spread my orgasmic opening with his vibrating tongue. The ecstasy was indescribable! I was peaking a second time. In my rapture I faintly heard a voice.

“I want to watch you come again, Laura.” Standing in the shadows was my husband, Frank. He had a firm grip on his hard cock and must have been sharing in the pleasures. His presence increased the intensity and called for more exploration. I grabbed Ben’s Herculean shoulders and urged him to my ravenous mouth. Our tongues devoured my gooey gratification from moments before. I could hear Frank moan in full participation. My hips were grinding the cold, wet surface, preparing for Ben’s rock. I wrapped my legs around him, opening a secret path to my tight, juicy paradise.

Ben thrust his eager shaft into my burning offering. His massive rod had full occupancy of my private room. Frank joined us and shoved his long, slick dick into my thankful mouth.

At virtually the exact moment, both men came. Seconds after Frank removed his spent member from my mouth, I came too. “Oh God!” I screamed in complete sexual glory.

After a few moments of silent recovery, we cleansed ourselves with a dip in the pool. The water was freezing but our hot bodies warmed its temperature on contact. I sat with two gods and felt like a true goddess. Then I asked Ben and Frank, “Will we be exploring again tomorrow?”

~ Laura, Chicago


  1. Wow. I want complete directions to this cave & these men! LOL Um, hot shower with a vibrating shower head anyone! Sounds like the perfect playtime to me!

  2. Definitely an intense spelunking…lol. Sounds like the guys were definitely planning on having a good time with her. I probably would have startled being talked to in the dark while being busy with other pleasant things.