The Courtship of Beth

The chances of it happening twice were as likely as witnessing a supernova. And easily as catastrophic. But there I was, in the elevator with the same four people. Trying to keep my cool. Trying to do the impossible.

Standing beside me, in the back of the elevator, was Mr. Very Tall Dark and Handsome. We’d never spoken, but seemed to “rendezvous” at the elevator nearly every afternoon since I’d started my new job. Even after two months it was still a struggle to be in such close proximity to his body. I’m about 5’4″, and kind of squeamish around tall people. Mr. VTD&H is at least 10 inches outside my comfort zone.

I could recite horror stories about my youth and how vulnerable I felt due to my lack of height. That’s why I was shocked at how violently aroused my body became from his most casual attention. Everything about him stripped me naked.
It all actually began on Monday afternoon. He and I were riding in disturbing silence down from the 19th floor when the elevator stopped on 17 to pick up two women. I’ll never forget their uninhibited conversation.

“She never looks at him?” the short, fair-haired one asked her friend.

“Never. Every morning they ride the same bus.” The taller one leaned closer to her companion and lowered her voice. “And every morning he stands behind her, pressed up against her, rubbing…well, you know.”

Startled by the arousing image, I wasn’t even aware that I had glanced up at Mr. VTD&H. His eyes suddenly darkened with awareness. I denied it with a shake of my head, but he didn’t believe me. I didn’t believe me. It was too intense. Too vivid. The image of him pressing his cock against my ass was as all – consuming as a nuclear explosion.

Two days later I was still living that moment, like a photograph permanently imprinted upon my libido. I tried to tell myself that he hadn’t read my mind – that we hadn’t been sharing the same erotic vision. Maybe I would have eventually convinced myself if the supernova hadn’t struck a day later – in the same elevator, with the same people.

“Did he really?” the blonde asked. “And she let him?”

The tall woman nodded and whispered. “He left his hand there for the whole ride downtown.”

“Between her legs?”

“Tomorrow she isn’t going to wear anything…underneath.”


It wasn’t my imagination that the tall Stranger moved inches closer to me. His heat practically scorched the right side of my body. I didn’t look up this time. I glanced down. His rigid cock was terrifying in proportion to the rest of him. Then his hand clenched, drawing me more thoroughly into the fantasy. I knew what he wanted to do with that hand – with those long, seductive fingers. My womb contracted. While my mind screamed that it was impossible to climax without being touched, my body completely ignored the logic. I panicked. When the elevator door opened I flew out, pushing blindly past people.

It was pure instinct that sent me running away from the more populated areas toward the back of the building. I didn’t stop until I found the darkest corner of the shipping dock and shoved myself into a corner, reaching simultaneously for my slick, throbbing center. I felt an unnatural urge, a brazen need to coax the impending orgasm from my body – no matter the location. I could sense him drawing nearer and I quivered with nervous lust.

He whispered from behind me, his voice low, rumbling and confident, “Cum for me.”


He moved closer. Not touching. His body surrounded mine, with his arms braced against the wall. His breath was deep. Harsh. Powerful. “Cum.”

His scent engulfed me. With a last, ludicrous denial, my body betrayed me. I cried out as my fingers grazed the tiny core of nerves, my body arching in the throes of passion.

I don’t know how long I stayed there, crouched in the corner. At some point I was aware he had left, but my mind was too busy babbling nonsense; he hadn’t touched me… and I could find another job by next week, couldn’t I? He had followed me, but he hadn’t touched me…and no, another job wouldn’t do. I would move to another state. Another country. He was too powerful. I had known that right from the beginning. His scent had brought me to orgasm. His voice. His presence. His terrifying stature. Definitely another country.

God takes care of idiots and children. I didn’t want to know what God considered me, but I was glad that someone was watching over me when I finally tore myself from that corner and made my way home. I shut down my fears and fed my body, then washed it and put it to bed. In the morning I repeated the ritual in reverse. I should have known I would end up in the same place at the end of the day.

He missed getting on the same elevator with me at five o’clock that afternoon, but only by seconds. We stared at each other as the doors closed, shutting him out. And that’s what I should do, I told myself – shut him out. I had thoroughly convinced myself that I could, even as I walked through the darkened shipping dock to that same corner. Even when I heard his footsteps, then the silence. And then his heat. His scent.

“I’m afraid of big men,” I whispered into the corner. His chuckle jangled my nerves, confusing me. It was a friendly chuckle. A seductive chuckle. Possessive.

He answered very softly. “I spent all last night with my cock inside you. I was still fucking you when I woke up this morning.”

“I don’t know you….”

“We know each other,” he countered. “We’ve been courting for months.”

I flinched, declaring my awareness; now aware of his.

He leaned closer. “Push your ass out, little one. It’s time I found out if it’s as lush as I’ve imagined.

“No,” I breathed, arching, groaning as his cock pressed with unerring accuracy against my ass.

“What’s your name?”

I shook my head.

He jammed himself tighter Demanding. Nestling in my crack as though there weren’t layers of clothing between us.


“Hello, Beth,” he whispered.

He must have sensed my impending orgasm because he began rubbing his cock up and down my ass. Fantasy and reality collided. My neck lost its mooring and I threw my head back against his chest. His scent enveloped me again. I gasped in pleasure and opened my eyes. He was watching my face.

“Say my name,” he rumbled.

“I… don’t…”


The word seeped into my conscious – settling in a place reserved for all permanent memories. “Samuel,” I whimpered.

“Yes, say it again. Say it while I watch you cum.”

I came forever it seemed, only vaguely aware that he was lifting me, tossing off my heels and tearing my pantyhose. He took me into his arms as if I weighed nothing at all. As the last shudder of my climax waned, he wrapped my legs around his waist and poised the thick head of his cock at the threshold of my body. That’s when all my fears returned in a horrifying rush. Too big!

“No,” he groaned, pulling my body tight against his chest, his big hand holding my head to his neck. I was trapped in his embrace with my body open and vulnerable.

“Shhh,” he soothed and began his invasion. Slowly; Persistently.

He comforted me even as he soothed my anxious cries. The large, fearsome head of his cock stretched me, demanding entrance. I clenched my muscles against the invasion, but he only held me hostage until I gave way and let him in. Then he stood like that, with his cock just barely in my pussy.

“You’re…too big.”

Samuel smiled. “We’ll fit eventually.”

Eventually. There would be no reprieve. He pushed in another inch, hugging me – taking me while I shivered – while I waited in dread of that first bold thrust. But instead of long, hard strokes, he ground himself against me slowly, making himself at home inside my body. Then he did the most amazing thing. Still attached, Samuel walked us to the service elevator.


“The 20th floor,”

I shuddered. The 20th floor. The top floor. The penthouse. This was the reclusive Samuel Barnett – owner of the whole damn complex.

He pressed me up against the elevator wall and drew his cock out, then stroked back in with excruciating precision as we rode to the top. It was all so consuming that I still don’t remember entering his suite – only the moment he laid me back on his bed and began removing my clothes. And the entire time I was impaled on his powerful cock.

“Please…I can’t do this.”

Samuel stroked me again, just once, effectively choking off any further protests.

“Look at me” he commanded, then leaned back and removed his shirt.

Massive. His chest was slick and muscular and massive, rock-hard, like his cock. I couldn’t look away as he unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor. With a shimmying movement he discarded his shoes and socks. I didn’t care. At the moment I was involved in one hell of an orgasm.

Samuel grinned. “I’m going to enjoy living inside you.”


“Oh, yes,” he countered with equal doses of affection and determination. Lying back on the bed, he drew my body over his, nudging my legs to straddle his waist. Then he grasped my thighs to stretch me wide open and began to stroke.


“Shhh. Tonight I live my fantasy. Tomorrow we live yours.”

“Your fantasy?” I managed to choke out. Samuel strengthened this thrusts until my body betrayed me again.

“I dreamed about fucking you all night, remember?” he rasped. “And when we wake up tomorrow morning, I’ll still be inside you.” He clutched my legs tighter. His body trembled violently. With a hoarse shout of pleasure he thrust once more and spilled inside me.

“Oh God, Samuel,” I whispered. “I’m not protected.”

“I’ll always protect you,” he said calmly, reaching into the drawer of his night stand and pulling out a gold foil packet. He tore it open with his teeth. I was relieved to see that his desire did not cloud his repect for my wishes.

My previous thrashing only served to arouse him. His hands cupped my bottom and squeezed. “I’ve wanted your body for months. When we shared that fantasy on the elevator I knew I needed more. I needed all of you. Every day.” Samuel increased his strokes, taking me to a ragged, emotional climax. When my senses returned he settled deep in my body.

“We’re fated,” he said. “Fated to make love in elevators. To tease and torment each other. To fuck.”

“This is impossible,” I insisted.

His chest rocked with amusement, jamming his cock tight inside me. Then, just to make sure I understood the possibilities, Samuel used his tongue and touch and imagination to rip another orgasm from my body.

“Tomorrow,” he promised. “We’ll ride the bus downtown with my fingers inside your pussy.”
“You’re…you’re scaring me.”

Samuel laughed. “Oh no. Not yet. We’ll save those fantasies for the weekend.”