Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said, “technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” He obviously wasn’t talking about hooking up! Tech-savvy millennials have so many tools available to stalk and then nail their sexual prey, it’s become a learn-as-you-go experience. No teacher required!

Whether you’re looking for a sweet cuddle or full-blown down and dirty fucking, your smartphone is the gateway to bliss.  Here is a list of our favorite hook-up apps – from mild to wild. Single or taken, it’s adventure time!

So you want to get laid. Don’t we all? It’s not like it’s hard – throw on some mascara and your best little black dress and walk into a club. Sometimes, though, we just don’t have the time. We’re too busy shattering glass ceilings and pushing the boundaries to go on a blind date with our friend’s brother’s neighbor’s cousin. And then, after all that weird and exhausting first date small talk, you have to even determine if getting down to the nitty gritty on this set up is even a possibility.

It probably isn’t. You’re probably going to go home alone. So here’s a list of the best apps for getting you laid  – from mild to wild – without the fuss. Use them wisely and listen closely.

Coffee Meets Bagel

If you want something quick, this app is not for you.  Coffee Meets Bagel specifically picks one person for you a day to Like or Pass and it does so through mutual friends on Facebook – so the guys are vetted for you to a degree. It’s fun and gives you a lot of information about the person. Eventually you’ll rack up a bunch of matches and then you can take your pick for the hook up. The only fast part about it is the time limit it sets for you to talk to your match. You have 8 days to talk to your match, after the 8 days it disappears. So you better get their number quick if you’re interested.


OKCupid markets itself as an app to find love. Fortunately if you’re down to fuck, those people can be easily pulled into your web of lust. Just be prepared to break hearts once you get what you need. But not everyone is on there looking for relationships. There’s also people (in your area) who are up for anything! There’s a questionnaire that lets you know how compatible you are with people and a quick match system that saves you the time and struggle of scrolling through pages of people near you. It has a lot more personal information than most other hookup apps, which allows you to feel safer before you decide to meet up.


You’re given three options: swipe left if you don’t let the person, swipe down to get down, swipe up to go on a date. It’s straight forward and tells the person you’re interested in what you’re interested in right away. It eliminates any confusion, uses mutual Facebook friends, but doesn’t give you a lot of information about the other person.


Hands down, if you’re trying to have sex this is the place to go. As soon as you log on and put up a picture, you will receive at least ten messages. The app has a cool “shake to chat” feature and can let you talk to people all over the world, or more conveniently, people near you. All of these people probably want the same thing you do, just take your pick.


Yes, we all have used Tinder. It’s great for instant gratification and for having people tell you you’re pretty even if you’re swiping while wearing sweats and eating massive amounts of ice cream. All you have to do is find someone you like, swipe right to say you like them, and see if they like you too. Then it’s a match! As soon as a conversation starts on Tinder, you can start to get a feel for what kind of relationship can come of this. It could be a hook up, it could be something long term.

Tinder is fast, easy to use, and targets people who are nearby who you potentially have mutual friends with on Facebook. This eliminates the meeting-up-with-a-stranger factor.


Ready to join the big leagues of hookup apps? Mixxxer had been called the app for the porn star set and it’s obvious why. Banned by the Apple and Google, it allows full nude pics and require guys to provide details (length, thickness) of their, um, package. You won’t find out if they’ve been honest, though, unless you see a pic or take your chances on him in real life. The app makes no pretenses about ‘dating.’ It’s for fucking. Period.




It’s easy to get attached to someone you’re just hooking up with, even if you reiterate the no-strings-attached rule. Make sure you know yourself enough to know that a booty call is something you can handle and a relationship is something you don’t want. Always remember to protect yourself, whether it’s your feelings or your safety.

Using an app to hook up mainly requires one thing: SAFETY. Taking some time to chat with someone before meeting up is ideal. If you’re going to execute a hit it and quit it with someone you met on an app, please tell someone where you’re going. It could be your best friend, you could tell your mom you’re taking knitting lessons at this address, just tell someone where you are and BE SAFE. Trust your gut, do some Googling and take a little time to research the person you’re about to meet up with. If anything, get a hotel room – being in a public and safe place is the best thing you can do to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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Rosie Kelly is a recent grad from Rowan University with a degree in Advertising, minor in Journalism, and concentration in New Media. Rosie is a social media enthusiast and you can frequently find her blogging about being happily single, scrolling through pictures of pugs, pinning vegetarian recipes, or trying to be funny in 140 characters or less.


  1. Great article! What’s so amazing about many of these apps is the amount of people you actually know that are using them. That’s why I only use them to hookup with guys when I’m out of town. Things could get, um, sticky if certain people found out about extracurricular activities. 😉