As a single twenty something in a city like [geocity] with it’s booming night life, I’ve found myself in the position of just needing to get laid more than a couple of times. It normally happens when I’m in between relationships and have become way too acquainted with my vibrator. Because although a vibrator can work wonders, it’s just not the same as getting laid, seriously. And why should the lack of a relationship prevent me from getting what I need? I’ve learned that the one night stand can be a girl’s  best friend – it gives you exactly what you need, a night of passion without all the drama. If you’ve ever been in a similar position, read on to learn the art of the one night stand.

Everyone says that a woman can get laid whenever she wants to. And I agree, that it probably is a little easier for a woman to get some action when she’s looking than it is for a man. It does however take a little tact. Because although guys are constantly horny and always happy to service a woman, you can’t exactly just knock on your neighbor’s door and ask to borrow some sugar with a side of nookie. You have to know where to look to meet the guy and what to do to seal the deal.

Location, location, location. If you’re in pursuit of the one night stand, there are certain places that make the conquest just a little easier. I’ve been the most successful at dance clubs and crowded bars. Clubs are perfect because they combine two things that almost always lead to sex – alcohol and dancing. What’s closer to sex than dancing? Get a guy on the dance floor and grind up next to him, he’ll be thinking of nothing else than getting you somewhere private and on top of you. Crowded bars work great too, crowds force intimacy and instead of shouting to the guy you just met, lean in, whisper in his ear and stroke his arm while you’re doing so. You’ll get him all hot and bothered and get yourself laid in no time.

You are who you hang out with. Guys look for a few things when they’re out on the prowl. Sure, they’re looking around for the hot girls, but they’re also looking for the ones who look like they’re having fun and they’re looking for hot girls who hang out with other hot girls. Since guys normally travel in pairs, it’s best to go out with just a couple of your girl friends, notably the hotter ones. It’ll make it easier for the guys to approach you and you’ll be much more likely to seal the deal if you have a cute girl for your guy’s wing man. There’s nothing worse than meeting a hot guy who has to go because his friends aren’t interested in your surrounding company. So give yourself an advantage and just bring out your fun and attractive friends, guys will notice you enjoying yourself and they’ll be more likely to approach a group of girls if there’s something in it for a couple of them.

Image is everything. Really think about your appearance. You want to appear sexy, but not slutty. There’s a difference between being a woman who knows what she wants and the woman who is just putting another notch in her bedpost. Dress to impress and intrigue. Jeans, high heals and a seductive top is just the right mix of girl next door meets sex kitten. And please go easy on the hair and the makeup, most guys would agree that less is more. Plus, while bed head is sexy, smudged mascara on a pillowcase is not.

Solo success. Not every guy is comfortable with approaching a big crowd of girls, so try to stray away from your pack a little bit. Head to the girl’s room alone and “excuse” your way through a couple of packs of guys or belly yourself up to the bar to buy a round of drinks. Some of the best encounters I’ve had with guys have occurred when I was away from my pack of girls. Waiting on line for the bathroom or up at the bar gives you the perfect opportunity to chat up that guy you’ve been eyeing at all night.

Sealing the deal. So you find yourself out at a club or a bar, you’ve met a guy and everything is going well. How do you move the action from the dance floor or the bar to the bedroom? You can’t exactly flat out tell the guy what you’re looking for so how do you seal the deal?

Enlist your friends. Okay, so I don’t mean a three-some, unless you’re into that sort of thing. But once you find the guy that you want to pounce on, let your girls know and follow the game plan that’s always worked for me and my friends – move the party. As the night wears on, tell the guy you’re chatting up that you have plans to head out for a night cap or some post drinking chow at the local diner. Getting the guy to leave with you is obviously, key. And if you’re able to suggest the next move it takes the pressure off the guy and gets you that much closer to getting laid.

Post-post party. After getting the guy and his group to come along to the next stop on the party circuit, you need to get a little more intimate with him. Make sure that you sit next to him wherever you go and start getting physical with him, put your hand on his leg, run your fingers through his hair, maybe hold his hands. Being physical with him will signal what you’re looking for and might get him to make the next move. When the night starts winding down, ensure that you and the guy will be heading off together by some careful maneuvering. If all goes well, he’ll be either sharing a cab to your place or has offered to walk you home.

Ensuring success. Once you’ve got him on your turf, it’s pretty easy to seal the deal. Get him on the couch, offer him a night cap and either turn on the tunes or ask if he wants to watch a movie. Then when you’re all cozied up next to him, make your move if he hasn’t already. If you’ve gotten him this far, believe me he won’t need much persuading to do to deed.

Enjoying and ending the one night stand. It’s the end of the evening and you’ve achieved success. You’ve landed yourself a hot man and in the past few hours you’ve taken care of satisfying each other. So what’s your next move? Having him stay over is totally up to you, so is the option of taking his phone number. It’s so important to take his number instead of offering up yours to ensure that the ball is in your court. You might be all enamoured while you’re in the heat of the moment, but who knows if you really want to hear from this guy in a couple of days? Taking charge means you’re in control of what happens next.

So the next time you find yourself jonesing for some action and you find yourself man-less, try some of my tried and true tips. It’s a given that you should always be safe when pursuing a one night stand. This means being pretty selective about the company you choose and getting the guy to strap on some protection.

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  1. Wow! Great article. I tend to do this pretty often. I even have ‘man products’ like condoms and deodorant in a bottom drawer just in case…