Thayati's Sexual Allure has Strong Message

thayati2Pop music is definitely music for the neck down. Nothing makes music fans happier than hypnotic beats and sultry overtones. That’s why I’ve long contended that dance music – the rhythmic pop from Disco to today’s uptempo jams and hip hop – is really the standard-bearer of rock and roll’s legacy. No other style today fully embraces the sexual revolution that pop ushered in during the 1950s. And who does it best? Female artists, or course. The generation that came of age under the tutelage of legends like Cher and Madonna and have been influenced by artists like Lady GaGa  know their most powerful asset is their sexual allure. Through that, an artist can express widely diverse thoughts ranging from the sheer joy of fucking to social and political commentary that actually affects change. We call it stiletto feminism.

The latest in this line to catch my ear is Thayati, a multi-talented artist whose debut album, Foreign Girl, drops in May. With a hodge podge of international sounds and exotic beats throughout, this singer/songwriter/choreographer/fashion designer is the total package. Consider the collection’s first single, Exotic Lover. A slickly produced and very radio-friendly track, the piece nevertheless bumps and grinds it’s way through a topic still taboo to many people but deliciously illicit to others – interracial relationships. In it, Thayati explores the mystery of sex with people of other races and cultures. She’s found herself a boy toy with a sexy accent and takes full advantage of him between the sheets. Unabashedly explicit in nature, the song not only encourages women to explore their sexual boundaries, it might also tear away prejudices and fears some still hold when it comes to relationships across racial lines. The unknown is obviously very hot.

Thayati writes about love and sex, relationships and secret trysts. But her overwhelming message is women should be strong, assertive and in control of their destinies – both in the bedroom and outside it. It’s a powerful message for today’s young women. And the writers at think she’s just awesome. Check her out online. Download Exotic Lover below along and view one of her music videos as well.