Teni Seduces With Your Love Is The Key

teniComparing a young artist to an established and legendary one is easy to do. We hear it all the time. So-and-so is the next queen diva or Johnny Rockstar. If an artist, through talent and perseverance, actually deserves that comparison, it’s a rare occurrence. That’s why, as a music reviewer, I’m often hesitant to make those comparisons. So I’m confident when I say Teni is the next Sade – and not just because they share a one word, one consonant name. With a sultry voice and seductive music, this London born, Nigerian raised songstress draws inspiration from such female trailblazers as Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and Sarah Vaughan. Combined with a sound American audiences will describe as ‘exotic,’ Teni’s world music vibe is certainly the stuff that makes people sit up and take notice.

To ‘get’ the Sade reference, one needs only to listen to 30 seconds of her juice-inducing single Afrodisiac. But he latest song, a mid-tempo bump and grind piece called Your Love Is The Key, is the sexy dance floor jam that will have your groping your partner in places better left to the imagination – at least in public. It’s trance-like beat is a refreshing alternative to the hard throbbing beats we hear in must clubs today.

The next time you’re in your favorite club, harass the DJ for it. We’ve got your free copy below. And be sure to visit Teni on her Facebook page.