Tenga – Bliss in a Bottle

Ladies, you’ve no doubt heard the old saying “this is so good they need to bottle it.” Well, someone was listening because the ultimate hand-job now comes in a plastic bottle. Don’t believe me?  Check out the Tenga, a toy for guys that simulates a well-lubed jerk-off (or a tight fuck). This double-ended treat has a “sweet” entry and a “bitter” tighter one and is designed to be held and slid up and down on his cock like he would using his hand. He can enjoy it solo or with a partner, which is how it was tested for this scandalous review.

Taking it out it’s packaging, my husband eyed it suspiciously, not fully realizing what it was. But once he saw me adding the warming lubricant, he quickly understood what was about to happen. So over the next hour, as I watched Grey’s Anatomy, I alternated the Tenga between the sweet and bitter ends, pumping it up and down on him as I might normally do with my hand, easing him towards orgasm before slowing the pace and walking him back from the edge. When he couldn’t stand it any longer (and I must admit the suspense was getting to me, too), I allowed him to cross the threshold, marveling at how his ripped body convulsed, laughing aloud when he cried out.

When he finally uncurled from the the fetal position and removed the thumb from his mouth (ha ha), he had questions about the device that has just about knocked him into near unconsciousness.  “The Tenga,” I explained, “are originally from Japan where they’re called onacups and they’re designed exclusively for a man’s pleasure.” Nah, I didn’t actually say that. I just pulled that from wikipedia. But history lesson aside, I told him it was just a cool new toy I got him. They don’t require batteries, most models are disposable, and there’s none of that sticky goo shooting around that’s known to stain sheets and my sexiest dresses!

Want one? Does he deserve bliss in a bottle? Swing by Babeland and grab one!


  1. OMG I love this! We had something similar that my guy had only you had to wash and reuse it (and at the price we paid we definitely did… but not with too much smiling) I LOVE the idea of the disposable version! Ordering this as soon as I hit send!!!!! He will be thrilled! It’s so hot watching him stroking off into one of these too. I was turned on beyond belief!