It’s that time of year. Pack your tanning oil, your micro-mini bikini and a sturdy handle of liquor because it’s spring break and you’re practically obligated to be a hot mess for a week. If you haven’t decided on a destination yet, check out the following list of wild spring break cities that are sure to leave you with a plethora of embarassing memories, a painfully lingering hangover, and yet the unbelievably satisfying feeling that you have lived.

11Panama City

The Wild: Panama city during spring break is comparable to a jungle full of rabid animals on crack. Panama is a phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed, so get off your ass and see it because it won’t be quite so appealing when you’re forty. We’re talking floods of students, beer in the streets, music reverbrating in your bones.

The Sexy: Like most hot spring break destinations, Panama is boiling full of lust. Between Panama’s bikini, booty shakin’, and hot bod contests, you better look your best and be looking for the best on this vactation.

10South Padre

The Wild: South Padre spring break is the ultimate beach party, think miles of snowy white sand…completely obliterated by drunk college kids. South Padre has even given up on all pretense of normalcy and legalised drinking on the beach. Yes, you don’t have to hide your red solo cup in your t-shirt when the cops walk by anymore…unless you’re under 21, in which case keep that t-shirt handy.

The Sexy: Girls gone wild, mechanical bull riding, dawn-till-dusk pool parties. South Padre is sexy for sure (if you don’t mind a little sloppy in the mix).


The Wild: Ah, Miami. If you haven’t been yet, you haven’t lived. Miami ‘s South Beach is a hot spring break destination, particularly for those whose vacation falls during music week (March 25th-30th this year).  Miami is a city of 24/7 life, lights and lust. Don’t miss it.

The Sexy: Lamborghinis, Lamborghinis everywhere. The in-trend for Miami-bound students is car rental. You’ll see more Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Porches and Ferraris during your week in Miami than you ever thought possible.

8Lake Havasu

The Wild: Arizona’s Lake Havasuis a long-standing spring break destination that has experienced a popularity boom since the 2010 release of Piranha 3D. Worried though Havasu’s tourism department was that the portrayel of vacationers being devoured by hoardes of bloodthirsty piranhas would deter  spring-breakers, the film seems to have had the opposite effect. Lake Havasu is wilder than ever, and the film’s party scenes scarcely do it justice.

The Sexy: Havasu vacationers aren’t afraid to get wild. You’ll see one heck of a lot of skin at this party destination—it’s practically indecent to keep your bikini top on.

7Daytona Beach

The Wild: Daytona is a classic—and, well, classics are classics for a reason. Twenty three miles of beach, 50,000+ spring breakers, andliquor by the barrel.  Get to Daytona before it’s gone, though. The city is attempting to undergo an image shift that may ultimately boot the spring break crowd for good.

The Sexy: Daytona has earned itself a well-deserved spot on the sexy wall of fame.  Between the wild strip clubs and the hot student bods, you won’t leave disappointed.

6Key West

Like Daytona, Key West is a classic spring break spot that’s set to lose its sparkle soon. We’re not there yet, though, so check out Key West’s stunning white-sand beaches and party-flooded streets before they’re swept away by the buzz-kill brigade.


The Wild: Drug cartels, murder in the streets, blah, blah, blah…it doesn’t touch the precious jewel that is spring break, so don’t let the hype deter you from heading to Cancun this year. The exotic atmosphere, the packed beaches and the non-stop party will make Cancun an unforgettable spring break.

The Sexy:  mtvU is covering  Cancun spring break 2014 March 19th-21st. Doesn’t that just say it all?

4New Orleans

The Wild:  New Orleans may not be the most traditional spring break destination, but it knows how to party. Orleans does indeed lack the beach scene that many spring breakers are looking for, but it sure has the music and the nightlife.  Give it a try if you’re looking for a trip with some flair.

The Sexy: New Orlean’s sex-charged nightlife and famous burlesque shows give it an undeniable lusty atmosphere that reaches hyper-charged levels during the spring break mayhem.

3Las Vegas

The Wild: Sin city doesn’t get the spring break rap that it deserves because 24/7 wild parties aren’t out of the ordinary in Vegas. Between the cheap hotels, the city-wide amorality and the constant flood of party-intent vacationers,however,  Vegas is bound to deliver an unforgettable spring break experience.

The Sexy:  There’s certainly no shortage of sexy in Vegas. Famous for its strip clubs and provocative shows, has sin city ever disappointed?


The Wild: Ibiza is amongst the most popular European student vacation destinations. This Mediterranean island is one of those places where the party never stops, so if you want to take your spring break overseas, choose Ibiza. It’s non-negotiable. Ibiza. Go.

The Sexy: European men, need I say more?

1Ocean City, MD (Honorary Mention)

Ocean City is a little too chilly in March/April to make it an ideal spring break destination. HOWEVER, if you’re one of the unfortunate souls who can’t make spring break this year, head to Ocean city in mid-summer and you’ll find that the spring break spirit lives on at Seacrets Nite Club. At this legendary club, the party begins when the doors open in the morning and ends…well, you probably won’t remember.