Tay Krew Lifts With Sexy Soul Single 'Liftd.'

I like to bump and grind on the dance floor as much as any girl but the best tunes to do that with aren’t always quality music. In other words, there are songs that are perfect for doing the kind of slow dance moves that make your parents blush and then their are tunes that are not only good for dance floor fucking but also great to listen to for those nights you stay in. Liftd, by fresh faced Tay Krew, is definitely one of the latter, an instant slow jam classic.

To demonstrate the sexiness of this song, Krew has cut a video – old school style – featuring quick cuts of slow motion erotic bedroom romps co-starring the beautiful Isabel Moreno. Combined with the totally hot Tay Krew, it puts a real spin on what the song suggests. Directed by Pharaoh MOGZart & P-MIDUS, the stunning visuals bring home what we’re all thinking while gyrating in the clubs.

You can check out the video below and also download the song – free!